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THFI’s New Online Coaching Course Partners with FITR

Launch Your Business Confidently Post-Completion

Manchester , UK / Jul 4, 2024 / The Health and Fitness Institute

In today’s rapidly evolving fitness industry, where many online courses promise secret formulas for entrepreneurial success, the reality is that few provide the necessary knowledge to thrive in this fast-changing profession. Cutting through the noise of influencers, five-figure mentoring programmes, and expensive, meaningless courses, THFI stands apart by offering a practical, seamless transition from learning to real-world application. The program not only ensures your success in launching an online personal training business but also demonstrates how online coaching can enhance both in-person and virtual methods, providing a comprehensive learning experience tailored to diverse client needs.

The Health and Fitness Institute has now launched its Online Coaching Course designed to empower fitness professionals with the skills, knowledge, and hands-on experience required to start, manage and scale a successful online personal training business. The course covers everything from creating your online programme and effective coaching in a virtual setting to using technology to automate your business admin.

Dan Rees, THFI’s Managing Director, said: “Our programme bridges the gap between learning and application. By integrating FITR’s top-of-the-industry personal training software into our curriculum, we ensure that our students not only gain theoretical knowledge but also practical, hands-on experience. They build their online client-facing platforms using FITR’s tools during the course, making them ready to launch their businesses with confidence upon course completion.”

Why Being Prepared for an Online Business is Crucial

The fitness industry has undergone a significant transformation with the rise of digital platforms. Leaders like Joe Wicks, known as “The Body Coach,” who gained global recognition through his online fitness programs and free YouTube workouts, and Kayla Itsines, co-founder of the Sweat app, who turned her personal training business into a digital powerhouse with accessible workout plans worldwide, have exemplified successful digital fitness models, showcasing the potential for innovation in reaching broader audiences.

The Online Coaching course champions these trailblazing elements and demonstrates that replicating existing business models isn’t necessary to succeed as a PT and business owner. Instead, it focuses on leveraging proven strategies such as utilising technology to automate tasks, streamline operations, and enhance client experiences with tools like progress tracking, to complement both in-person and online coaching. By integrating these digital elements with traditional coaching methods, you can overcome geographical barriers and efficiently expand your client base. This approach not only meets the growing demand for flexible, home-based fitness solutions but also positions your coaching business to scale effectively and adapt to evolving trends in the fitness industry.

Empowering Your Online Fitness Career with Real-World Tools

THFI’s Online Coaching Course is specifically tailored for individuals who are currently pursuing or have completed their Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification. This course covers all aspects of building and running an online personal training business, focusing on crucial areas such as online presence development, social media marketing, remote coaching techniques, and business management.

Exclusive Access to FITR’s Comprehensive Coaching Software

A standout feature of THFI’s course is the partnership with FITR, a leader in online coaching technology. This collaboration grants students exclusive access to FITR’s powerful software for 12 weeks, allowing them to build their own customer-facing platforms during the course. Key features of FITR include:

  • Powerful Schedule Builder: Streamline your coaching schedule with ease.
  • Performance and Progress Tracking: Monitor and evaluate client progress efficiently.
  • Enhanced Communication: Maintain seamless communication with your clients.
  • Custom Branding: Personalise your platform to reflect your brand identity.
  • Integrated Payments: Manage payments and subscriptions effortlessly.

Greg Sayer, Head of Operations and a driving force behind the course, adds, “Learners will create their own customer-facing platforms using FITR’s software, effectively building their shop window during the course. This practical experience means they graduate with a ready-to-launch business, eliminating the need to start from scratch.”

Leon Cassidy, Founder and CEO of FITR, comments: “We understand that it can feel like a huge hurdle once Personal Trainers get their qualifications to get business ready. We’re delighted to open up access to FITR for THFI students to help them launch their personal training businesses. We’re confident that combining THFI education with FITR technology will provide the perfect springboard for any coach looking to achieve success online.”

Comprehensive Curriculum and Unmatched Support

THFI’s Online Coaching Course stands out due to the depth and quality of its content, curated by industry experts, exemplifying the high standard of education THFI provides compared to other online courses. The program offers exclusive insights and advanced techniques, providing cutting-edge strategies and personalised mentorship to help you excel in the competitive world of online personal training.

You will complete the course equipped with a wide array of essential skills, from mastering social media marketing and creating professional websites to expert client management and advanced remote coaching techniques. You’ll gain practical experience in setting up an effective home gym for clients and designing engaging virtual training environments. Our course adopts a holistic approach, ensuring you’re prepared to handle every aspect of an online personal training business. In addition to foundational skills, we delve into the intricacies of brand building, optimising client retention strategies, and utilising the latest technology to enhance your services. Continuous support from THFI’s seasoned instructors and FITR’s dedicated team ensures a rich learning experience with personalised guidance and expert insights throughout your journey. Another key advantage is its unparalleled flexibility; as a graduate, you’ll have the freedom to work from anywhere, serving a global clientele and unlocking significant earning potential while maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

Join THFI to transform your passion for fitness into a thriving online coaching business and embark on a dynamic, fulfilling career with both professional and personal rewards.

About The Health and Fitness Institute

All fitness education providers currently out there are one and the same. They vary in price, or how they deliver the course, but the end result is the same piece of paper at the end of the course with no meaningful difference on who you worked with.THFI are here to make that difference to the Personal Training education marketplace.In an industry that simply tries to churn out as many ‘qualified PTs’ as possible, we measure ourselves on our ability to deliver long term success, and rewarding, successful careers for new and current fitness professionals.THFI was born out of frustration with Personal Trainer education companies. We make the difference in a market that focuses on volume not quality. Our core principles focus on preparing PT’s for the real world; we continue to mentor individuals through their first 12 months, after achieving their qualifications

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