#105: Kimberly Ang, Co-founder and CEO of KAYA

Today I’m joined by Kimberly Ang, co-founder and CEO of KAYA — an app for rock climbers.

In this episode, Kim shares the company’s vision for building the Strava of rock climbing, including a premium subscription, increasing access to climbing, democratizing mentorship, and helping grow participation in the sport.

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Kimberly is Co-Founder & CEO of KAYA, the climber’s app. An avid climber for 10+ years, she’s passionate about shaping KAYA to drive the growth of climbing and help every climber stay inspired, connected, and progressing. Founded in 2019 with a team of climber technologists, KAYA has quickly grown to become the largest network of climbers, gyms, and climbing areas in North America. Brands such as The North Face, Adidas, and USA Climbing partner with KAYA to run novel digital competitions and experiences. Kimberly has championed KAYA’s values-led initiatives in diversity, equity, inclusion, and sustainability.

Before co-founding KAYA, she was at IDEO, the global design and innovation firm. There she helped Fortune 500 companies stand up new brands and products in clean energy, health and wellness, and consumer technology sectors. Kimberly received her Masters in Social Sciences from the University of Chicago where she studied policy and sociology. She spent the first chapter of her career nerding out in public policy before opting for a more creative and entrepreneurial path. She now lives in Lake Tahoe, CA where she can stay close to her Bay Area roots while enjoying life in the mountains every day.

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