#108: Akin Akman and Angela Manuel-Davis, Co-Founders of AARMY

Today I’m joined by Akin Akman and Angela Manuel-Davis, co-founders of AARMY — a digital and in-person fitness concept.

In this episode, the team explains how AARMY accelerated its digital transformation during the pandemic. We also talk about the importance of building community in a virtual environment. And we discuss the company’s hybrid offering that includes studios, pop-ups, digital content, and potentially hardware.

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Akin Akman, Co-Founder & Chief Fitness Officer

As a tennis prodigy, Akin began his athlete journey at age 7 at the world-renowned IMG Academy training with legendary coach Nick Bollettieri. Akin has channeled all his years of training to create the signature AARMY Method, based on an authentic world-class athlete training philosophy. Transforming people from diverse backgrounds and different levels of fitness into true athletes has not only become Akin’s passion, it is also the hallmark of his brand making him widely considered the world’s #1 group fitness coach.

Angela Manuel-Davis, Co-Founder & Chief Motivation Officer

Angela is one of the world’s leading fitness coaches and most inspiring motivational speakers. Angela’s love of sports began early and directly from her family. The daughter of a legendary professional baseball coach, Angela went on to become a track star and Olympic trial semi-finalist. One of the world’s top 25 100 meter runners, Angela knows firsthand how a strong foundation of practice, goal setting, and focus can build strength in every part of life. She blends the transformative power of sport and spirituality to encourage a purpose-driven life in each one of her athletes.

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