#184: Rachel Soper Sanders, Co-founder & CEO of Rootine

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Today, I’m joined by Rachel Soper Sanders, co-founder & CEO of Rootine, a personalized nutrition and diagnostics platform.

Founded in 2018, Rootine’s unique approach to health and wellness combines DNA testing with a genomic algorithm to create customized vitamin subscriptions tailored to each member’s specific needs, be it performance, stress-reduction, or everyday health.

In this episode, Rachel details the shortcomings of the unregulated supplement industry and how to remove barriers between wellness, nutrition, and healthcare.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Rachel’s poor experience with healthcare led her to start Rootine
  • Why proof of impact is key to reshaping a broken system
  • How the one-size-fits-all supplement industry is making people sicker

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(00:00) Introduction
(01:21) Rachel’s background
(04:58) About Rootine
(06:54) Rachel’s journey to founding Rootine
(10:30) Building products around customer data
(13:38) Being a Rootine member
(16:45) Future of personalized nutrition & supplementation
(19:05) Growth strategies
(21:33) Quality of personalized supplements
(24:02) Rachel’s opinion on one size fits all supplementation
(27:44) Integrating wellness into healthcare
(32:28) Healthcare industry and retail
(34:40) Future roadmap
(35:47) Conclusion


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