#188: Andrew Lacy, Founder & CEO of Prenuvo

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Today, I’m joined by Andrew Lacy, founder & CEO of Prenuvo, a preventative healthcare company utilizing comprehensive whole-body MRI scans.

Prenuvo offers advanced medical imaging services that provide personalized insights into an individual’s health, enabling early detection and prevention of major diseases. Shifting the paradigm with proactive screening, the company’s clinicians can identify and advise on over 500 common and rare conditions.

In this episode, we discuss the tech-enabled future of preventative care and how Prenuvo differs from other MRI services.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

How Prenuvo works and what its team of doctors look for
Andrew’s plan to make preventative MRIs financially feasible for all
AI’s potential impact on radiology and medicine

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(00:00) Introduction
(01:28) Andrew’s background
(03:05) Andrew’s journey to founding Prenuvo
(05:52) Prenuvo’s customer experience
(08:46) Prenuvo scans pricing
(10:18) How often should people get a scan?
(13:02) Offering follow up education on a diagnosis
(13:58) Detecting and preventing major diseases
(16:27) Problems with reactive care
(19:07) Prenuvo’s technology
(21:35) Screening healthy people
(24:07) Future of preventive healthcare
(26:44) Demand for scans after COVID
(28:48) Future expansion and growth plans
(31:48) Integrating AI with image analysis and radiology
(35:18) Conclusion

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