#196: Nick Allen, Co-founder & CEO of Sunnyside

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Today, I’m joined by Nick Allen, co-founder & CEO of Sunnyside, a mindful drinking app.

Solving his own problem, Nick created the Sunnyside platform and SMS service to achieve a healthier relationship with alcohol. For users trying to get sober, drink less, or be more aware of their intake, Sunnyside acts as a digital accountability partner to improve people’s attitude toward drinking.

In this episode, we discuss the rise of mindful drinking and how using technology can help users form healthier habits. We also explore alcohol’s impact on culture, relationships, and well-being.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Nick and his family’s experience with alcohol led to creating Sunnyside
  • Why a majority of drinkers are seeking moderation as opposed to sobriety
  • The behavioral science that goes into Sunnyside’s strategy

Try Sunnyside here

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(00:00) Nick’s background
(01:45) Sunnyside’s mission
(03:48) Nick’s experience with alcohol and his transition to mindful drinking
(05:13) Origin of Sunnyside and its purpose
(08:31) How Sunnyside works
(10:57) Helping to avoid unplanned overconsumption of alcohol
(13:05) Designing the program
(14:41) Maintaining mindful drinking habits long term
(17:13) Sunnyside’s business model
(23:11) Alcohol’s impact on wellness
(25:54) Cutting back on drinking vs. sobriety
(27:04) Embracing mindful drinking with Sunnyside
(28:19) Tapping into community as a mindful drinking strategy
(30:50) Data shows the impact of drinking
(31:36) Interoperability strategy
(34:50) Building awareness around alcohol consumption
(37:37) Consumer behavior around mindful drinking
(40:38) Conclusion

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