#201: Sam Polk, Co-founder & CEO of Everytable

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Today, I’m joined by Sam Polk, co-founder & CEO of Everytable, a food company making nutritious, made-from-scratch meals available at fast-food prices.

Sam Polk, a former Wall Street trader turned social entrepreneur, founded Everytable with the aim to address food inequality by providing affordable, convenient healthy meals to underserved communities. Upending the traditional restaurant model, the company uses centralized, chef-led kitchens to supply grab-and-go storefronts, commercial SmartFridges, and direct-to-consumer offerings.

In this episode, we learn about Everytable’s variable pricing model that adjusts based on the median income level of the zip codes it serves. Sam also shares his views on preventative health and fixing the food system.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why the American food system is fundamentally broken
  • Everytable’s hyper-efficient strategy to bring healthy meal prices down
  • Sam’s plans to disrupt fast-food and advocate for food as medicine

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(00:00) Introduction
(01:49) About Everytable
(03:56) Initial concept and evolution
(08:36) Why people choose fast food over healthy food
(10:40) Creating healthy meals at fast food prices
(12:39) Evolution of food production
(16:45) Driving prices for healthy meals down by optimizing production
(23:14) Adjusting meal prices based on income levels of the community
(25:56) Effectively solving health and wellness problems
(28:53) Where healthcare and food meet
(32:26) We know we should eat healthy, but it’s hard to do
(33:46) Everytable’s marketing strategy
(38:28) Long-term vision for the business
(41:40) Conclusion

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