#202: Dylan Beynon, Founder & CEO of Mindbloom

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Today, I’m joined by Dylan Beynon, founder & CEO of Mindbloom, a psychedelics-assisted therapy platform.

After discovering the transformative potential of psychedelics, Dylan Beynon founded Mindbloom to empower individuals to improve their mental and emotional well-being through guided psychedelic experiences, meditation, and coaching. Facilitated by trained guides, the telemedicine platform employs clinician-prescribed ketamine therapy to alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

In this episode, we talk about barriers to care during a national mental health crisis. Plus, we explore navigating at-home psychedelic experiences and Mindbloom’s plans should psilocybin (aka “magic mushrooms”) become legal.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How ketamine therapy radically changed the lives of Dylan and his family
  • The difficulties of working in heavily regulated industries
  • Mindbloom’s therapy process and how they team up with mental healthcare providers

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(00:00) Introduction
(01:34) About Mindbloom
(03:44) Ketamine therapy
(07:57) The mental health crisis
(12:29) Treating mental illness with SSRIs vs. ketamine therapy
(19:39) Healthcare professionals utilizing ketamine therapy at their practice
(22:54) Regulatory considerations and challenges
(28:04) Patient testimonials are the best marketing
(30:51) Future roadmap
(33:58) Improving treatments for mental illnesses
(37:32) Views on legalization of psychedelic drugs
(41:48) Key Takeaway
(43:09) Conclusion

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