#214: Sam Jactel, Founder & CEO of Ayble Health

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Today I’m joined by Sam Jactel, founder and CEO of Ayble Health, a digital GI care platform.

Sam’s lifelong battle with inflammatory bowel disease fueled him to design better solutions for gut health sufferers. Frustrated by ineffective treatments, he founded Ayble Health — combining personalized AI-powered gut health plans with human coaches for guidance.

In this episode, Sam shares how his health journey led him to launch Ayble. Plus, we discuss the mind-gut axis and the future of patient-driven healthcare.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • An overview of GI issues and how they interfere with daily life
  • Ayble’s B2B2C approach to working with health clinics and employers
  • Patient sentiment around human coaches for support and accountability

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(00:00) Introduction
(03:08) Differentiating between gut health, digestive health, and gastroenterology
(06:15) Ayble Health origin story
(10:53) The elimination diet process
(12:13) Providing access to care and tools for managing conditions
(14:41) Democratizing access to good science
(22:21) The Mayo Clinic partnership
(25:35) Utilizing machine learning for personalized GI care plans
(32:04) Future roadmap
(35:37) Conclusion

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