#219: TRX Founder Randy Hetrick & TRX CEO Jack Daly

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Today, I’m joined by TRX founder Randy Hetrick & CEO Jack Daly.

In the ’90s, former Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick developed portable suspension straps while on deployment. After launching TRX in 2004, he led the business for 15 years before selling. In 2022, Randy teamed up with Jack Daly to buy the brand back out of bankruptcy, kicking off a new chapter for the company.

In this episode, we discuss TRX 2.0. We also cover new product development, acquisition opportunities, and TRX’s digital platform.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How the pair plans to reimagine the brand
  • TRX’s current offerings and future vision for functional training
  • Why Jack and Randy believe people are the key to TRX’s success

(00:00) Introduction
(01:10) State of TRX
(09:08) Rebuilding TRX
(13:27) Fixing the foundation of the business
(17:24) Jack and Randy’s acquisition of the company out of bankruptcy
(22:04) Bringing in talented people
(25:19) D2C strategy
(28:54) The YBell acquisition and product innovation
(34:02) TRX’s content and digital platform strategy
(38:46) Industry trends and TRX’s focus
(40:53) Continuing to prioritize functional fitness
(42:59) Long-term vision and roadmap
(46:24) Randy’s newest company OutFit
(52:12) Conclusion

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