#227: Jeff Byers, CEO of Momentous

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Today, I’m joined by Jeff Byers, CEO of Momentous.

Raising the bar on quality, Momentous makes science-backed supplements for high-performers. Trusted by the US military and pro sports teams, its products are transparently sourced, third-party tested, and NSF-certified.

In this episode, we talk about fixing the flawed supplement industry.

We also cover:

  • Prioritizing product quality over variety
  • Rebuilding culture after an acquisition
  • Consolidation within the industry

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(00:00) Introduction
(01:27) Jeff’s background
(03:17) Amp Human’s journey and acquisition of Momentous
(08:28) Challenges of merging two companies
(12:38) Exploring acquisitions and financing challenges
(15:45) Equity deal and investor alignment
(19:24) Rebuilding company culture post-acquisition
(23:15) Momentous’ mission to democratize high performance
(26:30) How to build successful partnerships
(32:24) Aligning partnership incentives
(37:31) Redefining the supplement space
(38:55) Momentous’ product portfolio strategy
(41:52) Avoiding distractions by creating strategic partnerships
(43:25) Providing quality and transparency in the supplement industry
(46:00) Conclusion

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