#228: James McMaster, CEO of Huel

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Today, I’m joined by James McMaster, CEO of Huel.

Hacking meal prep, Huel wants to simplify healthy eating on the go. Catering to time-strapped consumers, the brand makes nutritionally complete instant meals, drinks, and powders.

In this episode, we discuss the company’s mission to replace junk food, reduce waste, and make healthy options affordable.

We also cover:

  • Creating a lifestyle brand rather than a product
  • Evolving from a single powdered shake to multiple SKUs
  • Huel’s customer obsession and commitment to sustainability

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(00:00) Introduction
(00:30) Introduction and brand mission
(01:46) Founding of Huel
(03:20) Evolution of Huel’s product range
(05:07) Brand values
(07:06) Differentiation strategy
(09:17) Consumer motivations for using Huel
(11:08) Inflection points in Huel’s growth
(14:00) Transition to omnichannel business
(17:44) Customer acquisition and word of mouth
(19:07) Organic marketing and brand loyalty
(20:29) Safety testing and ingredient transparency
(23:20) Creating a global brand
(25:30) Competitive landscape
(28:02) How to combat unhealthy lifestyle trends
(31:06) Optimism in the health and wellness space
(32:49) Future roadmap
(33:29) Conclusion

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