#229: Amanda Rees, Co-founder & CEO of Bold

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Today, I’m joined by Amanda Rees, co-founder & CEO of Bold.

A fitness-based approach to healthy aging, Bold’s personalized exercise programs help older adults build strength, ease pain, and prevent falls. Partnering with Medicare, the platform aims to replace musculoskeletal disability with lifelong vitality.

In this episode, we talk about tailoring fitness to an underserved demographic.

We also cover:

  • Amanda’s experience as a caregiver and fitness instructor
  • The importance of fall prevention for seniors
  • Bold’s partnership with Medicare

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(00:00) Introduction
(01:39) Bold founding story
(07:55) The Bold platform
(10:49) Instructor expertise and engagement
(12:42) Technology and personalization
(16:52) Simplifying fitness for older adults
(20:49) Challenges with healthcare business models
(23:04) Partnership with health plans
(23:57) Balance training
(26:03) Engagement strategies with health plans
(27:40) Adapting to diverse populations
(29:02) Movement as medicine
(32:10) Shift towards healthspan and longevity
(33:55) Future roadmap
(35:48) Conclusion

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