#230: Brian Kirkbride, Co-founder & Co-CEO of FitLab

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Today, I’m joined by Brian Kirkbride, co-founder & co-CEO of FitLab.

An experienced founder, Fortune 500 exec, and investor, Brian oversees the company’s 11-brand portfolio of studios, equipment, and experiences — including Assault Fitness, XPT, Ragnar, and McGregor FAST. With $65M in fresh financing, FitLab is pushing expansion.

In this episode, we discuss the company’s integrated lifestyle platform.

We also cover:

  • Acquiring vs. building companies
  • Partnering with Nike to launch boutique studios
  • Uniting memberships and experiences across portfolio brands


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(00:00) Introduction
(00:40) The FitLab state of the union
(02:04) FitLab’s vision
(11:53) Decision-making processes for acquiring, partnering, or building new brands
(16:53) Progress towards achieving a fully integrated system
(19:05) Fitness industry future and challenges
(24:02) Consolidation, integration, scaling, and execution
(27:36) Partnership with Nike
(34:15) Nike’s training and running studios
(37:31) Nike’s digital fitness initiatives
(40:12) Wearable data and integration
(43:52) Holistic health and preventative care
(46:11) Future roadmap
(48:47) Conclusion

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