#235: Rebecca Parekh, Co-founder & CEO of The WELL

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Today, I’m joined by Rebecca Parekh, co-founder & CEO of The WELL.

Burned out by a career on Wall Street, Rebecca had a personal wellness epiphany. Now, she’s helping others relieve stress at The WELL, a health-focused members club and lifestyle brand.

In this episode, we discuss the company’s integrated approach to wellness.

We also cover:

  • Healthy third spaces
  • Entering real estate and hospitality
  • Unmet consumer needs across the industry

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(00:00) Introduction
(03:13) East meets west medicine
(05:12) The journey to founding The WELL
(10:35) Inflection point to start The WELL
(15:42) Adapting to challenges and evolving the business
(17:56) Expanding wellness offerings
(19:59) The vision for integrated wellness
(22:54) Partnerships
(25:33) Future growth and expansion
(27:26) Global product and integrated tech
(29:04) Rebbeca’s views on the evolving wellness industry
(32:46) Challenges of scaling preventative health
(35:25) Customer-led change and collective care
(38:31) Evaluating business metrics and societal impact
(40:32) Conclusion

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