#245: Osman Khan, Co-founder & CEO of Squared Circles

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Today, I’m joined by Osman Khan, co-founder & CEO of Squared Circles, a venture studio for health and wellness brands.

Squared Circles redesigns everyday products to be better for people and planet. Pushing innovation, its portfolio includes MUD\WTR and Algae Cooking Club.

In this episode, we discuss the company’s approach to ideating, validating, and launching consumer products.

We also cover:

  • Using science and AI to vet ideas
  • Building for the conscious consumer
  • Untapped opportunities within wellness

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(00:00) Introduction
(02:12) Squared Circle Venture Studio Overview
(04:32) Principles and Focus of Squared Circles
(06:08) Challenges and Strategies in Building Consumer Products
(11:00) The Role of AI and Science in Innovation
(15:20) Talent Acquisition and Operator Involvement
(17:38) Go-to-Market Strategies and Scaling
(23:45) Lessons Learned and Course Corrections
(31:17) Future Trends and Opportunities in Health and Wellness
(34:33) Conclusion

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