#30: Trent Ward, CEO of FORME Life

In this episode, Joe Vennare is joined by Trent Ward, the CEO of FORME Life — a new connected fitness company combining a Mirror-like display with the strength training elements of Tonal.

The two discussed FORME’s design-forward product, their approach to content and talent, and how the idea of omni-channel fitness is transforming the industry.

About Trent Ward:

Trent Ward is the founder and CEO of FORME Life. He realized first-hand that a busy lifestyle makes it challenging to get to the gym, and so in the middle of a successful finance career, he shifted focus to develop the most complete at-home fitness studio he could conceive. He also realized he did not have experience to do that, so Trent sought to surround himself with virtuosos in every aspect of product and brand development. He partnered with renowned designer, Yves Béhar, to ensure an exceptional aesthetic and user experience. He teamed up with legendary personal trainer, Harley Pasternak, to establish a best-in-class content model for optimal physical results. He tapped the minds of NASA engineers to generate gravity-free resistance solutions for strength training. After more than four years, countless prototypes and a lot of hard work from a world-class team, Trent is thrilled to bring FORME Life to market. He looks forward to fitting his workouts into his schedule now that there’s no longer a good excuse for skipping the gym.

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