April 6, 2021

#77: Greg Caplan, co-founder & CEO of Spot Meetings

Today I’m joined by Greg Caplan. Greg is the co-founder and CEO of Spot Meetings — a platform for walking meetings.

In this episode, Greg explains how his personal experience with remote work led him to start the company. We look at what goes into designing a meeting platform for walking. We discuss the health and productivity benefits of simply walking more. And Greg talks about launching Spot’s beta and amassing a waitlist of 5K people.

A quick disclosure, we are excited to be investors in Spot — supporting the company on its mission to help people escape Zoom fatigue and be more physically active.

More from Greg

Greg Caplan is the co-founder of Spot Meetings, a platform for walking meetings. Previously, he co-founded Remote Year, the original remote work and travel community.

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