#78: Jacob Rothman, Co-founder & CEO of Perch

Today Iā€™m joined Jacob Rothman, co-founder and CEO of Perch.

Perch is a velocity-based training system that uses 3D cameras to quantify and improve performance.

In this episode, we talk about using technology to improve strength training. The idea of trickle-down health ā€” where a company initially targets elite athletes before broadening its customer base. And how Jacob thinks about the role of content, community, competition, and data in the future of strength training.

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Jacob is the Co-founder and CEO of Perch. Originally from Charlotte, NC, Jacob attended MIT where he studied Mechanical Engineering and played baseball. After graduating in 2016, he attended grad school at MIT for one year before dropping out to work on Perch full time. Perch uses small and mobile cameras to monitor and manage athlete performance and activity in the weight room. Perch currently helps elite athletic organizations, such as the LSU Tigers and the NY Giants, get the most out of their work in the weight room, while working towards enabling a safer, more efficient, and more connected fitness experience for everyone.

Jacob has previous work experience at Apple, Oculus VR, and various MIT labs. He currently resides in Boston, MA.

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