#95: Chip Hawkins, Founder & Chairman of Wahoo Fitness

Today I’m joined by Chip Hawkins, Founder and Chairman of Wahoo Fitness — a fitness technology for indoor cycling and endurance training.

In this episode, we discuss Wahoo’s evolution from a single product used to track cycling stats to an indoor bike trainer and now a variety of devices and accessories for endurance athletes. Chip also talks about his approach to product development and the importance of staying innovative. Plus, we look at the opportunities and challenges in content, software, and building a fully integrated platform.

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Chip Hawkins comes from an engineering and operations background and worked in a variety of industries before founding Wahoo in 2009. Chip is a cyclist and saw a need to bring heart rate data from ANT+ heart rate monitors onto his Bluetooth-equipped phone. Wahoo’s first product was an ANT+ dongle for iPhone. From there, Chip quickly grew Wahoo to be a market leader in connected fitness devices. The brand now offers a complete ecosystem of training devices for cyclists, runners, and triathletes including the KICKR family of indoor riding equipment, the ELEMNT family of GPS bike computers and watches, TICKR heart rate monitors, Speedplay pedals, and the SUF Training Platform that helps all kinds of athletes reach their fitness goals.

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