How Barry’s Hires: Advice from Vice President of People & Culture Evie Fernandez

Whether you’re an employer or job seeker, the hiring process is hard. Shining a spotlight on this problem, we spoke to Barry’s Vice President of People & Culture Evie Fernandez about her best advice for candidates hoping to stand out, level up, and land their dream health and fitness job.

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Roles at high-growth health and fitness companies are highly competitive. What can candidates do to stand out?

EF: Barry’s owns a unique space in the fitness industry, so it is important for a candidate to not only understand that, but to have a true understanding of our values, who we are as a Company and the bigger picture of what we’re trying to accomplish – to transform lives.

A majority of our employees are consumers of our product and are proudly obsessed with our brand. We have a base of uniquely passionate employees, not easily found in a lot of other companies, or industries, for that matter.

We believe our values truly set us apart. Ultimately, candidates must be able to demonstrate the ability to be passionate about our brand, the industry, and our values.

What does your company’s hiring process entail?

EF: Our process, in addition to assessing the skills needed for the role, is a highly collaborative, cross-functional process.

It’s important that we embark on a relationship-building journey with candidates to ensure it’s the right fit for both parties, so candidates speak with all levels of the organization—leaders, peers, business partners, etc.— to allow the candidate greater insight into how they will fit in the scope of the organization.

Which credentials matter when assessing applicants?

EF: Like our team members, candidates come from a diverse array of backgrounds and industries. Those who show up in alignment with our culture and values, understand our brand, and are a skill match, are the strongest candidates.

Succeeding at a startup or fast-growing company is challenging. How do you screen candidates for intangible skills?

EF: Barry’s is an entrepreneurial environment, a fact that may be surprising to most. Our global footprint far exceeds the actual size of our employee population.

A candidate’s questions throughout the interview process provide insight into how they might approach their work or unique challenges.


Note: This Q&A has been lightly edited for clarity and readability

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