How Gympass Hires: A Conversation with VP of Human Resources Nikki Salenetri

Whether you’re an employer or job seeker, the hiring process is hard. Shining a spotlight on this problem, we spoke to Gympass VP of Human Resources Nikki Salenetri about her best advice for candidates hoping to stand out, level up, and land their dream health and fitness job.

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Roles at high-growth health and fitness companies are highly competitive. What can candidates do to stand out?

NS: It’s incredibly important for people to have the relevant knowledge and experience for the role, as well as to be a cultural fit for our company. I find that when people are passionate about what we do and truly understand the importance and impact of wellness on people’s lives, they tend to be more engaged in and committed to their work.

What does your company’s hiring process entail?

NS: Our typical recruitment process begins with the hiring manager partnering to understand what the most important skills and experience are for the role, as well as outlining the correct interviewing panel.

The talent acquisition team then sources and screens candidates to pass the strongest along to the hiring manager and interview panel.

For most jobs we also include some sort of practice test like a sales presentation, writing sample, or Excel test in order to be able to assess the candidate’s hard skills. We collect detailed feedback from the interview panel and collectively select the best candidate for the job.

Which credentials matter when assessing applicants?

NS: For certain roles, especially those which are more senior and specialized, there are important credentials and experiences that matter. For more entry-level roles, we tend to look for candidates that are a strong cultural fit and have demonstrated experience in the competencies that are more critical to that role.

Succeeding at a startup or fast-growing company is challenging. How do you screen candidates for intangible skills?

NS: There are certain types of people and certain skills that are more successful in a fast-paced environment. I believe in those who are able to thrive are generally very adaptable, solution-oriented, collaborative, and not scared to get their hands dirty, no matter how senior they are.

Our talent acquisition team is very transparent with candidates when describing the work environment so that the candidate also has a clear picture of what they would be getting into by joining. We also try to assess this by asking questions to understand the candidate’s previous work environment, how they were able to be successful in different types of environments, and, of course, to understand if they are a strong cultural fit.

Any additional advice about the hiring process you’d like to impart?

NS: Take the time to prepare for the interview process by researching the company and who you’ll be interviewing with. In regard to the prep, individualize your resume for each job you apply for, come to the interview prepared with examples of your experiences that are relevant to the job, and always remember to follow up with a ‘thank you’ email.


Note: This Q&A has been lightly edited for clarity and readability

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