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3DLOOK, the Leader in AI-Powered Mobile Body Scanning, Launches FitXpress — the First Comprehensive Fitness Monitoring and Predictive Body Modeling Solution

FitXpress uses industry-leading 3D body scanning technology to generate highly accurate and personalized body data insights, powered by AI, helping health and fitness businesses improve customer acquisition, engagement, and retention beyond the industry average.

San Mateo, CA / Apr 4, 2024 / 3DLOOK

3DLOOK, the global leader in AI-powered mobile body scanning solutions, has announced the launch of FitXpress — the first AI-powered body scanning, health data monitoring, and progress visualization solution for health and fitness businesses. Through a single API, customers can access precise AI-powered body scanning; 3D body models; fat percentage, body mass index (BMI), and basal metabolic rate (BMR) estimates; target weight visualizations; and highly-accurate progress tracking.

The solution will help health and fitness platforms and applications improve customer acquisition, engagement, and retention metrics by providing visual evidence of a user’s weight loss progress to boost and encourage commitment. In addition, businesses gain access to 80+ precise body measurements for every user, providing a new stream of insight and improved analytics to finetune services, develop new features, and deliver hyper-personalized experiences such as tailored workouts, product recommendations, and engagement strategies designed to maximize usage and user satisfaction.

The global fitness app market is growing at an annual rate of 10%, propelled by rising consumer interest in embracing healthy lifestyles — and the need for a cheaper alternative to fitness trainers amid a cost of living crisis. However, fitness apps have historically struggled to retain customers, with 63% quitting after just one day and 91% within 28 days. This is because it takes four to eight weeks on average to see the results of weight loss, with a lack of noticeable change demotivating for many.

3DLOOK’s FitXpress solves this issue by providing businesses with reliable tools for end-consumers to track their fitness and weight loss journeys thoroughly, enabling them to review their current proportions against previous scans to see the subtle changes to their body’s shape that occur over time, that is impossible to notice if they will keep monitoring their weight only. Likewise, research shows that improved monitoring aids consumers in achieving their goals, providing long-term encouragement to exercise more.

FitXpress uses just two photos of the end-consumer to generate 80+ measurements, a 3D body model, fat percentage estimate, and BMI and BMR, capturing a complete picture of the user’s body shape, weight changes, and fitness levels. End-users can also input any target weight and the solution will instantly generate a realistic 3D body model, accurately predicting and visualizing their future body measurements and appearance. With the ability to model different scenarios, users are able to see how their efforts will be rewarded, providing continued encouragement.

3DLOOK’s proprietary technology relies on neural nets trained on a data set of hundreds of thousands of authentic user-generated photos, and manually measured and scanned consumers. Certified as a standard in mobile body scanning by IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), the technology delivers unmatched industry-leading accuracy.

“Many of us have experienced the frustration of dedicating weeks to fitness, only to be disheartened by the scale’s numbers. This often leads to abandoning our health apps and relegating workout clothes to loungewear for TV marathons. However, what’s perceived as weight gain is frequently muscle growth, a tangible indicator of progress. Considering the potential 30% discrepancy in traditional scales and the inaccuracies of even the most advanced body-fat scales, the issue becomes clear. FitXpress addresses this by providing a true understanding of what scale readings represent, making it significantly less likely for individuals to abandon their health objectives when they can visually appreciate the transformation of their body with each session,” — said Whitney Cathcart, Chief Commercial Officer of 3DLOOK.

FitXpress is available now via API, providing seamless integration with any mobile or web application.

About 3DLOOK

3DLOOK is the global leader in AI-powered mobile 3D body scanning and visualization solutions. Its proprietary technology powers FitXpress, an AI-powered body scanning, fitness data monitoring, and progress modeling tool for health and fitness businesses to improve user acquisition, engagement, and retention. 3DLOOK also offers YourFit, a conversion-boosting size and fit recommendation and virtual try-on solution for e-commerce brands, and Mobile Tailor, a precise digital body measuring tool for made-to-measure fashion businesses. Its achievements have been highly acknowledged by industry peers, as the company won the French American Chamber of Commerce Award in 2022, Digiday Technology Award and RTIH Innovation Award in 2021, LVMH Innovation Award and the IEEE Retail Digital Transformation Grand Challenge in 2019. PCIAW named 3DLOOK as the highly commended vendor in 2021, while Creative Retail Awards shortlisted 3DLOOK’s project with a leading US retailer the same year. In 2022 the company’s CEO and co-founder Vadim Rogovskiy won the ’40 under 40′ Award by Retail TouchPoints, while the company’s co-founder and CCO Whitney Cathcart won the Women in IT Award in 2022.

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