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alphabeats Opens Presale of Neurotech Wearable for Athletes in the U.S.

Designed for the rigorous demands of elite athletes, alphabeats sets new standards in sports training and wellness.

Los Angeles, CA / Apr 15, 2024 / alphabeats

alphabeats, a leader in neurotech for athletes, announced it has opened U.S. pre-orders today for its flagship offering. alphabeats leverages the power of music-driven neurofeedback to elevate mental performance, focus, and recovery with an intuitive app and EEG headband. Designed for the rigorous demands of elite athletes, this novel approach to mental conditioning sets new standards in sports training and wellness.

“As we open pre-orders for alphabeats in the U.S., we aren’t just launching a product, we’re pioneering a revolution in how athletes train their minds,” said Han Dirkx, CEO and co-founder, alphabeats. “This is the dawn of a new era where mental strength and resilience become as measurable and trainable as physical fitness. alphabeats is here to support athletes in this journey, offering them a science-backed path to mastering their mental game.”

Elevate the mind with the power of music 

At the core of the alphabeats experience is its proprietary integration of major label and functional music. Music is universally known for its power to reduce stress, anxiety and pain, improve mood and concentration, and more. By combining music with neurofeedback training, which provides instant feedback on brainwave patterns, alphabeats creates an enjoyable and accessible tool for enhancing mental fitness.

alphabeats has partnered with to power a carefully curated selection of music that amplifies its effectiveness. Users can choose from a menu of music stations ranging from popular genres like hip-hop and pop to science-backed functional music curated for meditation, focus or relaxation. works with Dr. Daniel Bowling, Ph.D., a neuroscientist at Stanford University School of Medicine, to ensure that their music stations are not only enjoyable, but also selected according to scientific research supporting its efficacy. By continually refining musical choices based on user data, alphabeats and ensure the experience remains at the forefront of personalized wellness experiences.

Deepen training with a multimodal approach

alphabeats transcends traditional neurofeedback training by weaving together auditory, visual, and cognitive elements. This multiple modality approach not only captures the user’s attention, it also amplifies the effectiveness of each session. Visual cues on the app, such as the organic bulb and firefly animations, respond to the user’s alpha brainwave activity, offering an immersive, interactive feedback loop that reinforces positive mental states.

Users can also choose to integrate brief cognitive training modules to deepen alphabeats’ mind boosting impact. These exercises focus on the cognitive skills essential for high-level athletic performance, such as reaction speed and working memory.

Customized programs for athletes and coaches

The intense atmosphere of professional sports requires athletes to master both physical prowess and mental resilience while under constant scrutiny. alphabeats tailors its offerings with a keen understanding of the needs of athletes and the strategic insights essential for coaches.

As part of its team offering, alphabeats provides a dashboard that enables coaches to monitor progress and identify areas for improvement across the team. This data-driven approach helps coaches make critical decisions, whether that’s setting up the best performing teams for the upcoming competition, or stepping in to support a team member when they need it. The upcoming individual reports feature will further empower athletes by charting their personal journeys toward mental fitness and resilience.

The user experience 

The alphabeats app, with its user-friendly interface, offers clear guidance and real-time feedback to enrich the user experience. It works in tandem with a lightweight, ergonomic BrainBit-powered EEG headband, which is equipped with strategically placed dry sensors for precise brainwave measurements.

To get started, users need a smartphone, headphones or earbuds  and connection to the internet, along with the EEG headband that connects to the alphabeats app. After subscribing via the alphabeats website, users gain access to personalized training sessions designed to fit their schedules and needs. The sessions vary in length from a quick eight-minute focus boost to a thorough 12-minute recovery session.

Throughout the sessions, the user-selected music alters as their brainwave activity moves away from alpha, gently training the mind back to that optimal alpha state.  This approach tailors the training to individual preferences in an immersive way.

“As we introduce alphabeats to the U.S. market, we’re excited to redefine how athletes approach mental training on a global scale,” said Jorrit DeVries, Chief Commercial Officer of alphabeats. “Our collaboration with Feed.FM, backed by the scientific rigor of Dr. Daniel Bowling, is the ideal complement to our state-of-the-art neurotech platform. It’s just what athletes need to to push their limits and enhance their game.”

Pricing and availability

For a limited time, alphabeats is available for $499, which includes a 12-month complimentary subscription to the alphabeats platform. Post-promotion, alphabeats will be available at $689, still including the 12-month membership subscription.

alphabeats extends a tailored package for team or coach purchases. This includes 10 user licenses and EEG headbands, and access to four hours of monthly guidance from an alphabeats neuro coach. This support is designed to help coaches interpret data and make informed decisions for their athletes’ training programs.

To place individual, or team or coach orders, please visit the Product page at Orders will begin shipping in mid-May.

About alphabeats

alphabeats envisions a world where everyone can train their mind without limits, becoming the directors of their attention, flow, and focus. This vision comes to life with a pioneering approach that fuses curated music and neurofeedback technology, enabling athletes to master their mental performance. alphabeats is designed for athletes looking to push the boundaries of mental resilience, focus, and recovery. By offering a unique pathway for enhancing mind-body synergy, alphabeats sets new standards in athlete training. Discover more about the vision and join the movement towards boundless mental training at, and follow the journey on Instagram, Meta, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

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