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Alphabeats Welcomes New Chief Commercial Officer Jorrit DeVries and Executive Vice President Jen McGinnis from Spotify to Lead Expansion

Combined roles underscore the company’s bold vision and set the stage for the forthcoming U.S. product launch

Los Angeles, CA / Apr 3, 2024 / Alphabeats

Alphabeats, a leader in neurotech for athletes, announced the appointment of Jorrit DeVries, a former Spotify executive, as its new Chief Commercial Officer. DeVries brings a rich leadership background in the consumer platform, mobile technology and music industries from his time with Spotify, Samsung, Vodafone and Warner Music. Alongside him, Jen McGinnis joins as EVP of Growth, leveraging her extensive background at Spotify, Snap, Apple and AT&T to launch and scale the direct-to-consumer business and partnerships. Their combined roles underscore the company’s bold vision for the future, and set the stage for the forthcoming U.S. product launch.

Alphabeats is a first-of-its-kind mental performance technology that uses curated music selections combined with neurofeedback to train the mind towards peak performance and recovery. Rooted in the belief that mental fitness is as important as physical fitness for athletic success, Alphabeats provides a novel tool to sharpen athletes’ mental game and help them gain a competitive edge.

“Jorrit’s leadership in our commercial strategy, complemented by Jen’s expertise, marks an important moment for Alphabeats as we gear up for our U.S. product launch,” said Han Dirkx CEO and Co-Founder of Alphabeats. “Their combined experience will greatly benefit our mission to support athletes in surpassing their performance boundaries with our scientifically-backed training methods.”

“The spotlight is on the U.S. sports arena with the upcoming World Cup and Olympics,” said Jorrit DeVries, Chief Commercial Officer of Alphabeats. “Launching here underlines our vision to impact professional sports at a global scale, introducing Alphabeats as an essential tool for elite athletes. Our unique blend of neurofeedback and music empowers them to sharpen their mental edge and perform at the highest levels.”

Alphabeats enters the U.S. market well capitalized after recently completing a significant extended seed round, backed by two leading Dutch firms DeepTech XL and LUMO Labs. This positions the company for ambitious growth in the athletic mental performance arena. To learn more, visit

About Alphabeats

Alphabeats envisions a world where everyone can train their mind without limits, becoming the directors of their attention, flow, and focus. This vision comes to life with a pioneering approach that fuses curated music and neurofeedback technology, enabling athletes to master their mental performance. Alphabeats is designed for athletes looking to push the boundaries of mental resilience, focus, and recovery. By offering a unique pathway for enhancing mind-body synergy, Alphabeats sets new standards in athlete training. Discover more about the vision and join the movement towards boundless mental training at, and follow the journey on Instagram, Meta, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

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