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BenchApp Partners With movr To Enhance Sports Team Management Platform With Personalized Movement Training for Over 800,000 Athletes

BenchApp is integrating movr’s movement assessments and personalized exercise prescriptions into its sports team management app that helps hundreds of thousands of members to access, schedule and play recreational sports.

Vancouver, BC / May 15, 2024 / movr

The movement health company, movr ( announced today a new partnership with BenchApp (, a recreational sport team management platform. BenchApp is a leader in improving access to recreational and competitive sport through focusing on solving core organizational pain points and building simple experiences for managers and players to remove the headaches associated with organized team sports. The integration with movr expands BenchApp’s in-app service offerings for all sports and teams using the platform.

“Personalized recovery and sport prep is a massive opportunity to round out our platform – enabling members to trust BenchApp not just for their team management, but also the ability to help prepare players before and after games,” said Jon Marus, Founder and CEO of BenchApp. “Our partnership with movr allows us to deliver sport-specific and personalized programs with the goal of preventing injury, and honestly, with the ability to unwind the classic rec athletes tight back after game day. This partnership was a no-brainer.”

movr solutions offer personalized exercise content to mitigate the harmful effects of MSK conditions by training for balance, strength and mobility. The integration into BenchApp will help athletes prepare for – and recover from – game day, promoting physical longevity and an overall healthy lifestyle. The movr integration will be available to all of BenchApp’s 800,000+ users across North America on iOS and Android devices.

BenchApp members engage with the app more than 5 times each week, log game day availability, pay team fees (including the beer fund), and keep engaged with one another using a private team chatter thread. The integration  with movr is designed to boost athlete engagement, helping BenchApp bring industry-leading exercise experiences to their members.

movr is an evidence-based movement exercise solution for health and wellness providers. Leading digital and metabolic health platforms trust movr to help build and scale MSK health solutions with smart assessments and movement tailored to diverse populations.

“Our focus at movr is to scale the adoption of our movement health technology. We have recognized that the best way to do that is to build in partnership with leaders like BenchApp, who are already improving the lives of athletes across North America,” said movr Founder and CEO Aaron de Jong. “Our movement health system and everything that comes with it – from smart assessments and questionnaires to personalized exercise recommendations, to sport-specific exercise content – will enhance BenchApp’s offering to its users and ultimately help people to move, perform, and recover better.”

Through an SDK integration, movr’s movement health assessment flows will blend seamlessly into the existing BenchApp product experience. BenchApp members can expect to see movr’s technology within the app immediately.

About movr

movr’s MSK solutions, available via white-labeled apps, SDK, APIs, are available for customers in the U.S., and Canada. movr’s focus is to deliver improved movement health in digital solutions ranging from end consumer, to employer and insurer market places. movr’s research-backed approach has been validated through 500,000+ movement assessments and personalized exercise recommendations. Visit to learn more.

About BenchApp

BenchApp is a leading team management platform that removes the headaches associated with sports team management, while improving the player experience. The company’s solutions are developed by team managers, for team managers – making it stand out amongst market competitors. Visit to learn more.


SOURCE movr Fitness Inc.

Press Contact Aaron de Jong
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