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Centr and HYROX Unveil Elevated Competition Gear at Inaugural New York City Race

Beyond the HYROX Arena, a Newly Expanded Commercial-Grade Equipment Line is Now Available Worldwide for Gyms, Studios, and Hyrox Affiliate Partners

Los Angeles, CA / Jun 3, 2024 / Centr

Centr, the brand founded by actor Chris Hemsworth that combines top-tier fitness equipment with expert guidance in fitness, food, and well-being, made a significant impact at HYROX’s inaugural Manhattan race on June 1 at Pier 76. 5,300 athletes experienced the new Centr x HYROX competition gear, showcasing Centr’s entry into the competitive fitness space. In addition to the race, Centr is pleased to announce the launch of a newly expanded commercial-grade equipment line, now available globally for gyms, studios, and HYROX affiliate partners. As the official equipment provider for HYROX, Centr is driving the fitness racing movement forward, offering state-of-the-art tools designed to enhance athletic performance worldwide.

Official Competition Equipment Elevates Performance

Forget bulky sandbags and traditional kettlebells—Centr x HYROX equipment was meticulously designed and manufactured to elevate every athlete’s game. The Centr x HYROX equipment lineup includes a Power Rope, Power Sled, Interlocking Bumper Plates, Octo Kettlebells, Sandbags, Wall Balls, and Rig Target. Key features include:

  • Athlete-Centric Design for Peak Performance: Centr’s equipment combines design-forward aesthetics with elevated performance, shaving seconds off race times and pushing competitors further. Interlocking weight plates mean faster transitions between exercises, while ergonomically designed kettlebells provide a secure grip and optimal weight distribution – translating to smoother workouts and maximized performance.
  • Seamless Training Beyond Race Day: The Centr x HYROX equipment is available at HYROX Performance Centers and HYROX partner gyms. It can also be purchased by non-affiliated gyms, studios, and for at-home training, allowing athletes to train on the same equipment they’ll use in competition.
  • Digital Integration for Maximum Hyrox Training: Centr and HYROX are co-developing a new digital experience that will soon extend the partnership beyond physical equipment. It will offer a performance-first experience with exclusive HYROX training programs curated by expert trainers, performance-tracking tools, and social features that connect the vibrant Centr x HYROX community.

HYROX athletes and industry leaders are impressed with the Centr x HYROX equipment. Daria Daspin, Chief Operating Officer of The Training Lab NYC, said, “HYROX on the Hudson was truly one of a kind. On top of that, the new Centr turf made the sled pull feel like butter. Paired up with the Centr ropes, sleds, and weight plates, the sled pull station was a recipe for success!”

Christian Toetzke, Founder and CEO of HYROX, added, “We’re thrilled to see how the Centr x HYROX equipment is taking the racing experience to the next level for athletes. The innovative design and top-notch quality make a tremendous difference, helping athletes optimize peak performance. We’re growing faster than ever and look forward to continuing to innovate with Centr to offer our incredible community access to the best equipment that will take their training to a new dimension.”

Commercial Equipment Expansion Meets Growing Demand

Centr is stepping up its game by expanding the Centr x HYROX product line to meet the surging demand from gyms, studios, and HYROX affiliate partners. The new commercial-grade range includes:

  • A full assortment of Competition Wall Balls from 2kg to 14kg
  • A full assortment of Competition Octo Kettlebells from 4kg to 44kg
  • Interlocking Bumper Plate sets from 2.5kg to 25kg
  • Newly designed Centr x HYROX dumbbells from 2.5kg to 40kg (higher weights available on request)

These additions enhance the existing lineup of competition sandbags, power sleds, pull ropes, and rig targets, providing athletes and fitness enthusiasts with a comprehensive range of top-tier, commercial-grade equipment.

Centr now distributes the Centr x HYROX product assortment globally to multiple regions worldwide, including Europe (including the U.K. and Ireland), the Middle East, Africa, the U.S., Australia, and beyond. Centr has already begun providing the official competition equipment to independent gyms, studios, and larger gym and health club chains in the U.S. and the U.K., the first two markets to receive the new equipment.

“The positive response from the HYROX community to the Centr x HYROX equipment, from both athletes and gym owners worldwide, demonstrates how we’re enhancing the sport of fitness racing,” said Andrew Sugerman, CEO of Centr. “Early sales figures for the Centr x HYROX equipment are exceeding expectations, and we’re seeing incredible feedback from athletes and commercial partners. The expansion of our product lines to include commercial-grade equipment is a direct response to this demand.  HYROX has built an incredible, rapidly growing community, and our collaboration allows us to provide high-quality product design, helping participants level up their training and achieve their fitness goals. When you’re competing in Hyrox, we know every second counts.”

Beyond the races, the Centr x HYROX equipment is resonating across the fitness industry. Centr currently has over 200 commercial partners and is in talks with over 100 more. David Magida, Founder, Owner, and Head Coach at Elevate Interval Fitness, said, “Centr’s equipment is a game-changer, combining durability with innovative design to enhance performance and user experience. It’s a major upgrade to what previously existed, bringing modernity and efficiency to fitness training.”

Join the Centr x HYROX Community

Discover the Centr x HYROX lineup and shop the equipment designed to enhance performance and comfort for athletes of all levels at the online store. To view and purchase the full commercial line, please contact the sales team at You can also experience the equipment firsthand at upcoming HYROX races, including the World Championships in Nice, France, as well as events in Melbourne, Singapore, and more. For the latest updates and to join upcoming events, visit the HYROX race schedule.

Those new to Centr can redeem a free trial to access personalized training programs, nutrition plans, and mindfulness content at

To access visuals from the June 1st race and view the Centr x HYROX product catalog, please visit the digital press kit.

About Centr

Centr is a leading fitness and well-being platform founded by Chris Hemsworth. Its mission is to empower people to live well by energizing their every day. Inspired by Chris Hemsworth’s team of experts, Centr offers personalized training and tips spanning movement, meals, and mind to fuel members’ daily healthy habits. To further help members achieve their health and fitness goals, Centr is expanding its platform to add transformational in-home fitness equipment and accessories available at select retailers worldwide. To learn more, visit


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