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Fountain Life Acquires Health Data Technology Company LifeOmic to Power its Advanced Diagnostics and Membership Services

Lake Nona, FL / Dec 6, 2023 / Fountain Life

Fountain Life, an advanced diagnostics and preventative health company, today announced the acquisition of LifeOmic, a health data technology company powering precision health. Through the transaction, Fountain Life will own all of LifeOmic’s intellectual property, including the LifeOmic Platform and software, LifeOmic Patient Mobile App, and a suite of consumer-focused mobile apps and science-backed educational content. In addition, Fountain Life will add a worldclass team of coders, designers and engineers whose expertise in data platforms, AI-systems and medical technology development and deployment will help to expand Fountain Life’s data-driven preventative care membership services. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

The LifeOmic Platform, which features cloud data storage, genomic data analysis, electronic health record (EHR) integration, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities, wearable and medical device integration, and telehealth solutions, is poised to become the technology backbone of Fountain Life’s proactive healthcare offering. Specifically, the Platform will power:

  • Data acquisition, storage, scrubbing, and categorization
  • Member-facing apps and experiences
  • Physician-facing EHRs and data analysis
  • Training and interface with AI algorithms and large language models (LLM)
  • Fountain Life’s Digital and Fountain @Home offerings
  • Fountain Life’s Functional Medicine Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Platform

The deal supports Fountain Life’s mission of transforming the current healthcare system into one that is both proactive and data-driven, boosting longevity and driving the industry to detect and treat illnesses earlier. It comes at a critical inflection point within the healthcare industry, as the shift from reactive to proactive care intensifies, driven by the estimated $5.2 billion longevity economy and a consumer focus on optimizing health to expand and enhance lifespan. This desire is backed by a recent study showing that nearly half (41%) of Americans are willing to spend time ensuring they can live as long as possible. Fountain Life supports those seeking a longer, healthier, and more vital life by delivering the most advanced diagnostics and vetted therapeutics.

“Our mission at Fountain Life is to radically reinvent healthcare by enhancing individuals’ healthspans using the most advanced diagnostics and vetted, personalized therapeutics,” said Bill Kapp, M.D., Fountain Life’s CEO and co-founder. “The integration of LifeOmic’s technology will enable us to augment the technology that serves as the foundation for our services. While today we are delivering proactive care through Fountain Life centers throughout the U.S., our plan is to make the same services available to individuals anywhere at any time, eventually even in their homes. LifeOmic’s tools will be critical to this expansion.”

Fountain Life is committed to preserving quality of life throughout the aging process by early identification of potentially debilitating diseases early. The company is creating a new kind of healthcare that is predictive, preventive, personalized, and data driven. By leveraging informed AI technologies and advanced diagnostic testing to identify conditions such as cancer, cardiac, metabolic, and neurodegenerative disease at the earliest stages, Fountain Life gives individuals the opportunity to live a longer, healthier and optimized life. It is a unique and effective approach to healthcare that has the potential to make 100 the new 60.

“LifeOmic has built technology designed for precision medicine and personalized care,” said Don Brown, M.D., the CEO and founder of LifeOmic.”The healthcare industry is at a turning point. The future of medicine is here, and it requires a more proactive approach. I am thrilled to be part of an organization leveraging the latest science and technology to disrupt the healthcare system with a focus on preventing disease and, when necessary, finding and treating it at the earliest possible stage.”

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About Fountain Life

Fountain Life brings together the world’s most renowned scientists and physicians to boost longevity and performance – putting health back in healthcare. Fountain Life does this by using cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) to collect data and gain insights into the human body that have never been possible before. Fountain Life’s data-driven approach enables finding illnesses, including cancer, cardiac, metabolic and neurodegenerative disease, early before they can cause harm. As a result, Fountain Life helps individuals to operate at peak performance throughout their lives with the aim that they will feel as healthy and vibrant at 100 as they were at 60. Learn more at and follow us on LinkedInFacebook and Instagram.

About LifeOmic:
Founded in 2016, LifeOmic is a healthcare technology company solving the industry’s largest problems — connecting, consolidating, and visualizing complex health data to improve patient outcomes. Its technological backbone, The LifeOmic Platform, is a secure and scalable cloud-based software solution designed to aggregate and visualize complex health data to power precision health. The platform securely aggregates, stores, and analyzes health data across electronic health records (EHR), genomic, clinical, imaging, population, and patient data to accelerate research and optimize healthcare decision-making. The platform enables healthcare systems, researchers, and health tech enterprises to save time and costs in managing data for precision health.

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