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GNC Becomes First Major Retailer to Launch GLP-1 Support Program

Global leader in health and wellness redesigns store to assist GLP-1 users on their journey to better health with a dedicated companion product section and specialized employee training

GNC GLP-1 display
GNC's new GLP-1 support section is available in all 2,300 store locations across the United States
Pittsburgh, PA / Apr 29, 2024 / GNC

GNC, the global leader in health and wellness, today announced its unprecedented initiative to support individuals using GLP-1 agonists. GNC has officially become the world’s first major retailer to establish an entire section dedicated to assisting GLP-1 users in managing the common side effects and challenges associated with treatment. The new support section will be featured in all 2,300-plus GNC locations across the United States.

It is estimated that 130 million Americans currently live with a condition eligible to be treated with a GLP-1 agonist, and that up to 70 million Americans may use a GLP-1 by 2028. But studies indicate that more than 50% of GLP-1 users discontinue treatment within the first year, with many citing side effects or the financial burden of coverage as the main drivers.

“It has been GNC’s mission for more than 85 years to help our communities achieve better health and live well,” said Michael Costello, CEO, GNC. “No matter where you are in life, regardless of age, gender or goals, GNC has always been a trusted source for support. The results of GLP-1 agonists are truly life-changing, but we also know that lifestyle and nutrition support are necessary companions to achieving long-term success. GNC is leading the way with our knowledgeable coaches in our stores, science-backed products, and expert education and online resources.”

Addressing Side Effects with Curated Products

GNC continuously brings new, innovative products designed to meet consumers’ wellness needs, most recently with GLP-1 users in mind.

“The market is constantly evolving and at GNC, we are leading the way in product strategy and development to help our customers achieve their wellness goals especially for GLP-1 users,” said Rachel Jones, SVP, Chief Product Innovation and Science Officer, GNC. “We’re not only responding to immediate needs but also continuously collaborating with medical experts to refine and expand our offerings to best serve our customers.”

Key initial focus areas of the GLP-1 support section include:

GI Health – The most noticeable, and often the most severe, side effects felt by GLP-1 users are related to digestive health. Often, it is a GI issue like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or constipation that causes a patient to stop treatment early and risk losing the successes they’ve achieved. GNC offers premium products to address GI issues, such as Supergut, the only clinically validated gut health superfood that improves digestive health and curbs cravings by boosting GLP-1 naturally.

Muscle Mass and Bone Density – The loss of lean muscle mass can have serious impacts on a GLP-1 user’s ability to keep weight off post-treatment and comes with the concerning loss of bone density. Side effects can be mitigated with an increase in nutritional supplement and protein intake. GNC offers HMB, a metabolite of the amino acid leucine with many human clinical studies to support its use, which helps users maintain muscle and creatine can improve the effectiveness of strength training for lean muscle building and maintenance.

Nutritional Support – As appetite is decreased, nutrient intake often decreases. GNC provides a vast selection of multivitamins and Vitapak® Programs suitable for all demographics that can help fill in the gaps missed by GLP-1 users.

Coaching for Evolving Health Needs
GNC will continue to provide up to date education for GNC Coaches and an evolving selection of products. GNC Coaches in stores across the country have completed training related to the common side effects experienced by GLP-1 agonist users and will receive ongoing training from GNC’s team of in-house Registered Dietitians (R.D.) and science experts.

Ongoing Consultation and Expert Resources
The GLP-1 support program at GNC will continue to extend beyond shelves to include expert advice on centered around fitness and resistance training, healthy recipes, meal plans, and more. GNC has also engaged researchers and practicing clinicians steeped in this consumer need to structure support and offer the most benefits to GLP-1 users. Regular consultation with medical experts at Revive Health, which powers GNC Health, is taking place in order to remain ahead of the curve and reach GLP-1 users with the information they need.

“The rapid adoption of GLP-1 agonists is no surprise given the impressive weight loss results they demonstrate,” said John Olsen, President, Revive Pharmacy Solutions. “Not only can they decrease the user’s BMI but they also carry metabolic and cardiovascular benefits as well. As access to these innovative medications increases, so will the prevalence of their potential adverse events. It’s important, as clinicians, to understand these risks and position the users to best manage them. When combined with GNC’s support program, we can expect the successful outcomes of GLP-1 therapy to grow as quickly as the program will.”

To learn more about the products featured in GNC’s curated GLP-1 support program, visit

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GNC is a leading global health and wellness brand that provides customers with a wide variety of science-based products and solution services to live well. The brand touches consumers worldwide by providing its products and services through company-owned retail locations, domestic and international franchise locations, digital commerce, and strong wholesale and retail partnerships across the globe. GNC’s diversified, multi-channel business model has worldwide reach and a well-recognized, trusted brand. By combining exceptional innovation, product development capabilities, and an extensive global distribution network, GNC manages a best-in-class product portfolio.

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