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Holistic Health Technology Provider, Virtusan, Hires Artur Zolkiewicz as Chief Executive Officer

Fitness expert, performance specialist and entrepreneur to lead continued company growth, multiple product launches, and accessibility to tools that optimize health for all

Virtusan Hires Artur Zolkiewicz
Luzern, CH / May 7, 2024 / Virtusan

Virtusanprovider of science-backed solutions and services geared toward reducing stress, improving sleep, and optimizing overall health and performance, today announced the hiring of its new CEO, Artur Zolkiewicz

Leveraging industry expertise across health and wellness as a performance specialist and entrepreneur, Zolkiewicz will lead Virtusan through continued growth on its mission to make longevity and optimal health a non-negotiable for all. Zolkiewicz joins an already remarkable leadership team and board of Scientific Advisors that includes top experts in longevity and wellness, including Dr. Andrew Huberman, Dr. David Sinclair, and Dr. Shauna Shapiro. 

As the quest for optimal, holistic health continues to gain popularity among increasingly health-conscious consumers, Zolkiewicz’s immediate priorities as CEO include leading product launches, helping popularize science-based wellness, and expanding accessibility to health optimization through the technology and information needed to understand and achieve it. Zolkiewicz will look to expand into different verticals and grow Virtusan’s physical touchpoints by integrating its multisensory technology into environments – from hotels to spas, office spaces, residential real estate, and more – to promote habits that enhance people’s health, performance, and longevity.

“I’m thrilled to have Artur join us as our new CEO,” said Dr. Li Wu, Founder and Chairman of Virtusan, global entrepreneur and investor. “With his exceptional leadership skills, deep expertise in all aspects of fitness, and overwhelming personal and professional passion for health and wellness, I’m confident that he will play a pivotal role in guiding our company to new heights as we work to make Virtusan an invaluable enterprise for human lifespan extension and a healthier, happier world.”

Frequently recognized as a top player in the UK fitness scene by The Times Luxury and others, Zolkiewicz’s competitive background in martial arts led him to establish his professional pursuits in wellness. He has extensive industry experience as a celebrity performance specialist, fitness influencer and model, luxury, and wellness brand ambassador, consultant, and entrepreneur as Co-Founder of fitness product company, ZOOP. Over the past two decades, Zolkiewicz has built a highly connected, influential network of decision-makers globally. His connections are invaluable as he dives into his entrepreneurial ventures and looks to further establish Virtusan as a leader in health optimization.

“Health optimization, wellness, and fitness have always been passions of mine and something I’ve dreamt of helping people achieve on a larger scale. So when presented with the opportunity to drive such an impact at Virtusan, I couldn’t say no,” said Zolkiewicz. “Alongside the brilliant minds behind Virtusan’s solutions that reduce stress, improve sleep, and elevate human performance, I’m excited to bring my industry expertise and help take it to the next level.“

Engineering health and wellness through science-backed services, Virtusan is uniquely poised in the health optimization space by providing three distinct longevity products catering to multisensory, nutrition, mental, and physical fitness. First is the Virtusan Mobile App catered to individuals, second is its in-person integration technology, “Emerse”, for hotel guests, and third is B2B solutions for enterprise employees. Virtusan’s science and software as a service (SaaS) offerings focus on long-lasting habit formation and delivering best practices for an optimal health and performance lifestyle. 

For more on Artur Zolkiewicz, visit his websiteInstagram and LinkedIn.

About Virtusan

At Virtusan, we’re at the forefront of pioneering scientifically-backed solutions for optimal health and wellness. Through meticulous research and holistic approaches, we empower individuals and businesses worldwide to achieve peak performance and long-lasting well-being. Our comprehensive range of digital and physical solutions is tailored to address diverse needs, contributing to a healthier and happier future for individuals of all ages.

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