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How RockBox Fitness is Energizing Members with Fitness Challenges Powered by ABC Trainerize

RockBox Fitness partners with ABC Fitness to power their online community of more than 3500 franchise members.

RockBox Fitness
Vancouver, BC / Jun 20, 2024 / ABC Fitness

RockBox Fitness, a leading franchise known for its dynamic boxing-based fitness classes, has revolutionized member engagement with a new partnership with ABC Fitness and the implementation of ABC Trainerize throughout its franchise network. 

From the company’s inception, fitness challenges with a focus on community have been central to RockBox Fitness. In December 2023, the team at RockBox decided to get back to its roots of fitness challenges – and they knew they needed a partner that could provide a seamless member experience, no matter the scale. With 60 franchise locations across the United States, RockBox is prioritizing taking their powerful community beyond their franchise locations.  

Seamless Integration Across Franchises 

By implementing ABC Trainerize, RockBox Fitness ensures that its fitness challenges are executed flawlessly across all locations. New members who join a challenge receive six weeks of access to the RockBox app, which supports their fitness journey with personalized programming. 

Post-challenge, the app’s usage varies by franchise, with some offering it as a subscription service and others providing it as a complimentary feature to boost engagement. 

“With this new partnership, RockBox is expanding their community beyond their franchise locations and enhancing the member experience every single day. With 3500 members already utilizing the app and more to come, RockBox is laying the foundation for their franchise to excel and scale online programming through ABC Trainerize.” – ABC Trainerize co-founder and Platform President Sharad Mohan  

A Holistic Approach to Member Success 

RockBox Fitness goes beyond fitness programming by offering new challengers a holistic approach that includes meal plans and accountability coaching. This combination ensures that members receive the support they need to achieve their goals. Alexia Stevens, Director of Sales and Operations for RockBox Fitness, emphasizes the importance of this support system, stating, “We needed to follow through on the accountability promise of the challenges and ensure we had visibility across the organization. The automation features in ABC Trainerize allow us to guarantee that all clients receive the support they deserve.” 

For more information on RockBox Fitness and how their community extends online through ABC Trainerize, read the story.

About ABC Fitness

ABC Fitness is the number one technology provider for fitness businesses everywhere. Simplifying club and member management for 40+ years via scalable solutions (ABC Glofox, ABC Ignite, ABC Trainerize, and ABC Evo) ABC Fitness’ innovations transform fitness visions into seamless reality. From personal trainers, boutique studios, and gyms, to international franchise health clubs, ABC Fitness provides the technology and industry insights needed to move your business forward. ABC Fitness currently supports more than 40 million members and 600k+ fitness businesses globally, processing over $11 billion in payments every year. Learn more at   

About RockBox Fitness  

RockBox Fitness is a vibrant community of diverse individuals united by a common goal: living a healthier and more fit lifestyle. RockBox studios welcome men and women of all ages and experience levels, each working at their own pace in a supportive and judgment-free environment.  

Through RockBox Fitness’ nutrition guidance, accountability coaching and body transformation programs, members can discover their strength, connect with others, and achieve their fitness goals. Whether it’s the fellow members rocking out beside you in class or the expert trainers challenging you to new heights, RockBox guarantees that you never feel alone in their fitness journey. Learn more at  

Press Contact Hilary Strath
ABC Fitness
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