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Keyspan Partners with Austin Simply Fit to Enhance Fitness Training Programs with Affordable Biomarker Testing and Functional Health Coaching

New partnership aims to make advanced health diagnostics and personalized fitness coaching accessible to all Austinites.

Austin, TX / Jun 10, 2024 / Keyspan

Keyspan, a leader in longevity diagnostics and functional health coaching, today announced a groundbreaking partnership with Austin Simply Fit, a premier athletic fitness training center with multiple locations across Austin. This collaboration will combine advanced biomarker testing, functional health, and personal training, offering a precise and affordable approach to health and fitness.

Key Points:

  • Innovative Integration: This partnership marks the first time advanced biomarker testing and functional health coaching have been seamlessly integrated into personalized fitness programs in Austin.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Customized programming is foundational to Austin Simply Fit’s approach. By incorporating Keyspan’s biomarker data and coaching, trainers can optimize training plans, significantly enhancing outcomes for clients.
  • Exclusive Member Benefits: Austin Simply Fit members will receive tailored nutrition and lifestyle plans based on twice-yearly biomarker tests, monthly delivery of personalized supplements, and data-driven training to boost physical performance and recovery.


“Through our partnership with Austin Simply Fit, we are redefining the fitness experience by embedding our advanced health diagnostics directly into personal training,” said Nate Taylor, CEO of Keyspan. “By providing data-driven insights, we enable trainers to deliver better health outcomes for members. Research shows that personalized fitness programs based on biomarker data can improve fitness results by 20-30% compared to standard programs.”

“This partnership introduces a revolutionary approach to fitness and longevity tools for our members,” said Krista Bergeron, CEO of Austin Simply Fit. “By integrating advanced health diagnostics and functional coaching directly into our fitness regimens, we’re empowering members and trainers with actionable data that drives stronger gains and better health outcomes. This is the new normal, making every aspect of health measurable and understandable.”

Industry Impact:

The program, available June 10, represents a significant advancement in the fitness industry, combining detailed data analysis with personalized coaching. Austin Simply Fit and Keyspan are setting new standards for fitness centers and trainers, making comprehensive wellness accessible and affordable. Unlike high-end programs like Equinox’s $40K per year membership, Austin Simply Fit and Keyspan are making comprehensive wellness accessible and affordable to a broader audience.

Market Context:

According to the Global Wellness Institute, the wellness industry is projected to reach $7 trillion by 2025, with personalized health services playing a major role. This partnership aims to provide these advanced, personalized health services to a broader audience, ensuring that high-quality wellness solutions are within reach for everyone.

How it Works: 

  1. Comprehensive Blood Work: Blood testing twice a year. Get insights on 25 essential biomarkers to identify and address nutrient deficiencies.

  2. Custom Supplements: Delivered monthly. Tailored to your specific needs and based on your lab results.

  3. Easy-to-Use App: Track your biomarker results, mood, steps, sleep goals, and more in one place.

  4. Health Coaching: Monthly sessions with a functional health coach to keep you on track and motivated.

  5. Data-Driven Training Plan: Our training plan will incorporate the above and evolve as you do.

Key Statistics: 

  • Gym Membership Trends: Gym memberships have grown 20& over the last five years, reflecting a strong desire among people to look and feel healthy.
  • Member Retention: 50% of people who start a gym membership give it up within the first six months. Keyspan and Austin Simply Fit aim to reverse this trend by offering tailored programs that enhance results and maintain motivation.

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About Keyspan

Keyspan is pioneering a new wave in preventative health management from its Austin, Texas, headquarters. More than just a data-driven wellness platform, Keyspan offers users a personalized roadmap for a longer and healthier life. With an emphasis on prevention over treatment, Keyspan employs state-of-the-art biomarker testing to generate highly individualized diet, exercise, supplement, and lifestyle programs. Founded in 2023, Keyspan is on a mission to make 80% of preventable chronic illnesses obsolete, all while elevating individual performance for a brighter today and a healthier tomorrow.

About Austin Simply Fit 

Austin Simply Fit is a community of people focused on whole-person health. For 14 years we have offered one-on-one and multi-client personal training in efficient, effective 30-minute sessions at our two Central Austin studios. Our highly qualified personal trainers create custom programming designed to help each individual meet their specific goals. Our clients run the spectrum from busy professionals aiming to improve their health to high school athletes planning to play sports in college. We exist to help you exceed your own expectations.

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