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Lenus Launches First-Ever Academy for Online Health Coaching to Address Comprehensive Health Decline

A pioneer in health technology, announces the establishment of the Lenus Academy

Copenhagen, DK / Mar 11, 2024 / Lenus eHealth

In an era where global health is facing significant challenges across physical, mental, and social well-being, Lenus, a pioneer in health technology, announces the establishment of the Lenus Academy. An educational service specifically targeting online coaches. This first-of-its-kind academy is specifically designed to address the alarming health trends by educating online health coaches in a holistic method that is evidence-based, driven by data, and delivered with compassion.

The primary aim of the Lenus Academy is to thoroughly teach coaches about the holistic method, ensuring they are well-equipped to address the multifaceted nature of health and well-being. The academy’s curriculum is meticulously crafted to integrate physical, mental, and social well-being principles, enabling coaches to offer comprehensive care that goes beyond conventional fitness and nutrition coaching. Each course is designed by industry experts and accredited by EuropeActive to adhere to the standards of the industry.

Bertram Thorslund, founder of Lenus, underscores the academy’s mission: “The global decline in health requires a comprehensive and innovative approach to well-being. The Lenus Academy is founded on the principle that true health encompasses physical, mental, and social dimensions. Our goal is to educate coaches on the holistic method, which is not only supported by evidence and data but is also delivered with empathy and understanding. This approach is critical in empowering coaches to make a profound impact on the health and well-being of their clients.”

The academy’s approach is a direct response to the increasing demand for services that encapsulate a holistic view of health, leveraging digital platforms for broader reach. By preparing coaches for the nuances of online coaching in a rapidly growing market, the Lenus Academy aims to set a new standard in health coaching, focusing on interventions that are personalized, evidence-based, and holistic.

Since its establishment in 2016, Lenus has made significant strides in the health tech sector, facilitating a platform that enables online health coaches to extend their influence and contribute positively to global health. With a team of approximately 400 employees worldwide and operations across several countries, Lenus continues to innovate at the intersection of health, technology, and education.

The launch of the Lenus Academy represents a crucial development in the field of health and well-being coaching. By emphasizing a holistic, evidence-based approach to health education, Lenus is at the forefront of addressing the complex health challenges of our time, ensuring that health professionals are equipped to contribute meaningfully to preventative health care and the well-being of individuals globally.

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About Lenus eHealth

Lenus is a leading health tech company founded in 2016 by Bertram Thorslund. It aims to significantly impact public health through its innovative platform, supporting online coaches in expanding their reach and effectiveness. Lenus has a robust presence worldwide, with offices in key locations including Denmark, the USA, the UK, Germany, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Finland, Spain, and Canada, and employs a dedicated team focused on enhancing health through advanced technology.

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Lenus eHealth
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