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Nike Ginza is Made for Local Running Communities in Tokyo

  • The new Nike Ginza, opening in downtown Tokyo, is dedicated to serving the city’s vibrant running community.
  • The store’s Running Hub serves the needs of local runners holistically through a variety of services and programming.
  • Nike Ginza offers ways for runners to connect with their local community through NRC Live training sessions.
Nike Ginza Store View
Beaverton, OR / Dec 7, 2023 / Nike

Imagine it: A retail experience built on the promise of serving local runners. Now put this store in the bustling center of one of the most passionate running communities in the world. Enter Nike Ginza, the newest Nike Rise store opening in the middle of Tokyo’s most electric shopping districts.

The Nike Rise concept is designed to serve athletes who are passionate about sport performance. Nike Rise stores offer ways for athletes to connect to local communities that share their passion for sport. In Japan, this excitement is channeled through competitive relay running, a passion that’s visible from late fall through winter during Ekiden season. The purpose for Nike Ginza is simple: Serve local runners at all levels and connect them to one another.

The store’s Running Hub approaches these needs holistically through a variety of services and programming. Ongoing and regular NRC Live training sessions, led by NRC coaches and Nike Ginza pacers, give local runners the chance to meet, socialize and train with each other. Runners can also use an in-store locker service so they can store their belongings while they embark on one of the many routes through downtown Tokyo. To connect with each other more frequently, runners can browse group running opportunities in the city and more through the store’s three-story digital screens.

Nike Ginza provides trialing for the latest running silhouettes so runners can get a firsthand sense of the shoe’s benefits. Can’t decide? Expert Sessions with Nike store athletes provide runners with personalized product recommendations.

To help protect the future of sport for the next generation of runners, Nike Ginza includes the Recycling+Donation program where athletes can drop off gently-worn footwear, tops and bottoms so your running gear can be given a second life.

The opening of Nike Ginza continues a rich sport legacy between Nike and Japan, spanning product capsules like the Nike Global Express Lane Ekiden Pack and Made to Play community partnerships that provide access to sport, and more.

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