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RAMfit Offering Free RAMs to 100 Gym Owners Who Want to Join Their RAM Burpee Challenge

Building on the success of their partnership with DEKAfit, RAMfit are now offering 100 gyms across the USA, UK, and Spain the opportunity to test their members with the RAM Burpee Challenge.

Ireland, MN / Mar 7, 2024 / RAMfit

RAMfit, the company the manufactures ultra durable functional training gear from recycled materials, has announced it’s intention to offer gyms across the USA, UK, and Spain the opportunity to get their hands on a RAM for free, and test their members with the RAM Burpee Challenge.

Co-founder, JP Mone said, “People love fitness challenges. All you have to do is look at the rise in popularity of Hyrox and DEKA fit to see how receiving a mark can motivate and inspire people. We’ve been doing Burpee Challenges with the RAMs for a long time, and we wanted to formalise it in a way that Gyms of all sizes could get involved”

The RAM Burpee Challenge tests how many RAM Burpees can a person do with a 22lbs, 33lbs, 44lbs, or 55lbs in 3 minutes 30 seconds. According to a recent UK Biobank Accelerometry study of 22 398 self-reported non-exercising adults, a minimum dose of 3.4 to 3.6 minutes of VILPA(vigorous intermittent lifestyle physical activity) per day was associated with a 17% to 18% reduction in total incident cancer risk compared with no VILPA.

To date, 100s gyms, and 1000s of people have taken the RAM Burpee Challenge, and the company are in the process of finishing a global leaderboard, which will also allow participating gyms to filter scores by their own gym only too.

In conclusion, JP Mone said ” There are some brilliant legacy challenges and fitness tests out there, from the Murph, to the 40 yard dash, and we want the RAM Burpee Challenge be a legacy challenge too. Already we have seen some amazing scores around 60 reps, and perhaps in time, we could even have a world championship, who knows.”

For gym owners who want to get their hands on a free RAM and try the challenge with their members, simply email JP at, and introduce your yourself.

About RAMfit

RAM stands for Recycle and Move, which represents the founders philosophy that if we all recycle and move a bit more, the planet would be a healthier place. Founded in 2017 by JP Mone and Dermot Mc Ardle, all of their products are built to last in house, using responsible manufacturing processes, and creating local employment.

Founded out of frustation at seeing burst sandbags in training facilities, 1000s of Gyms, bootcamps, and studios across the US, UK, Spain, Canada, and Australia now use the RAM training and body maintenance tool to enhance their group fitness, functional training areas, recovery areas, and overall training experience.

RAMfit is also an official sponsor of DEKAfit, and is used in zones 1+10

Press Contact JP Mone
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