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SAUNA HOUSE® Announces New Corporate & Franchise Locations

With its roots in Asheville, North Carolina, the modern bathhouse brand is expanding its footprint across the east coast.

Asheville, NC / Oct 3, 2023 / SAUNA HOUSE®

An emerging brand in holistic wellness and communal bathing, SAUNA HOUSE is thrilled to announce the expansion of its newest corporate bathhouse in Durham, North Carolina. With the location secured, the brand expects the facility to open in June of 2024. SAUNA HOUSE looks to improve upon the success of its Asheville location with a larger build out in a growing market.

SAUNA HOUSE offers a modern communal bathing experience, founded on its Hot-Cold-Relax® circuit. This science-backed flow of sauna, cold plunge and heated furniture respite delivers an undeniable state change for the body and the mind. The brand seeks to create inviting and inclusive environments where everyone is welcomed. In today’s fast-paced digital world, SAUNA HOUSE goes against the grain, promoting a pure digital detox. With a noteworthy 30% rise in daily cellphone usage across the US from 2022 to 2023, the brand firmly believes in offering spaces devoid of mobile distractions. The bathhouse experience aims to reintroduce people to the essence of community, nurturing genuine connection in a device-free haven.

For entrepreneurs who resonate with a brand that marries ancient practices with a contemporary rebellious spirit, SAUNA HOUSE offers an opportunity to be a part of a wellness revolution. SAUNA HOUSE has already sold five franchise locations within the Florida and South Carolina markets and expects to close an additional ten locations before the end of the year.  As a proud member of 1% for the Planet, the company also emphasizes profit with purpose, attracting entrepreneurs seeking resonance between financial benefit and community impact.

The company is actively seeking like-minded entrepreneurs to join the venture – individuals who share the brand’s ethos and aspire to construct healing sanctuaries. As Andrew Lachlan, CEO and Founder, aptly expresses, “We get just this one life, I’ve chosen to spend it building healing spaces that serve the community for generations to come.”

For industry trend-setters and wellness enthusiasts seeking to learn more about SAUNA HOUSE franchises, see the link below for more information:


SAUNA HOUSE ( is a modern bathhouse where everyone is welcomed to find balance in opposites. The company’s experience is centered around Hot-Cold-Relax: sauna, cold therapy and mindful rest … three steps that include hundreds of benefits.

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