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SAUNA HOUSE® Continues Expansion Across the Carolinas

SAUNA HOUSE continues to grow the communal bathing space in Charlotte and Raleigh, North Carolina along with its first ground-up new build in Charleston, South Carolina.

Asheville, NC / Feb 8, 2024 / SAUNA HOUSE®

SAUNA HOUSE, a visionary in holistic wellness, recently revealed its Charlotte bathhouse will be located at 1500 West Morehead Street and a soon to be announced Raleigh location is currently in the works. The company is also excited to announce that Charleston, South Carolina will experience this modern take on communal bathing. Anticipated to open its doors next year, the Charleston location builds upon the success pioneered in Asheville over the past 5 years. The 10,000 sf ground-up new build will be a first for the brand, delivering a large bathhouse to a ready and waiting market.

SAUNA HOUSE prides itself on providing a contemporary communal bathing experience rooted in its Hot-Cold-Relax® circuit. This whole-body contrast therapy practice is scientifically designed to induce a transformative state for both body and mind. Setting itself apart from the current trend of private recovery cabins, SAUNA HOUSE continues its commitment to hospitality, unique architecture, expansive social spaces with device-free communal bathing.

“SAUNA HOUSE is not just a place; it’s a movement,” says Andrew Lachlan, CEO and Founder. “We are committed to building healing sanctuaries that transcend generations, promoting well-being in both body and spirit.”

SAUNA HOUSE locations will provide exceptional value, combining affordability with best in industry saunas, cold pools and heated lounge spaces. The thoughtfully curated yet affordable concept allows patrons to make communal bathing a regular part of their wellness routine.

SAUNA HOUSE has sold ten franchise locations in the Florida, Tennessee, Colorado and North & South Carolina markets and anticipates closing an additional twelve locations by the end of 2024. With a commitment to financial success alongside initiatives such as 1% for the Planet, SAUNA HOUSE emphasizes values-based partnerships to help grow the public bathing movement in America.

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SAUNA HOUSE is a pioneering brand in communal bathing, offering modern holistic wellness experiences through its Hot-Cold-Relax® circuit. With a commitment to creating inviting and inclusive environments, SAUNA HOUSE promotes digital detox and genuine connections in today’s fast-paced world.

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