Press Release Appointments Holistic Health Expert, Dr. Olivia Lesslar, as Science Director

The first and only 5-in-1 complete brain training company appoints renowned practitioner to oversee scientific research and consumer offerings aimed at cognitive healthspan

Dr. Olivia Lesslar
Whistler, BC / Mar 7, 2024 /, a pioneering neurotechnology company specializing in neurofeedback and personalized brain-training solutions today announced the appointment of Dr. Olivia Lesslar as Science Director. The strategic hire strengthens’s robust executive and expert bench, bringing a new level of clinical expertise focused on psychoneuroimmunology and the mind-body connection, holistic health and cognitive healthspan.

“There’s nothing more important to me than helping as many people as possible live longer, healthier lives. It is that foundational principle, combined with breakthroughs in technology and cognitive health research, that truly excites me about the future of the field, the greater good, and my contribution to it. I’m looking forward to working with on their scientific approach, and helping them advance cognitive healthspan.”

In her new role as Science Director, Dr. Lesslar will help guide the company’s science-driven approach to brain training. More specifically, she will oversee’s scientific research, data collection and analysis, whitepapers, product development and consumer offerings to ensure the company is optimizing its scientific efforts in the background, and delivering the best product and value to users.

“At, we’ve built a breakthrough technology that’s making better cognitive healthspan possible on a mass level by helping people train and optimize our most vital organ – the brain – and making it more accessible through our wearable technology,” said Paola Telfer, Founder and CEO. “Combining our technological expertise with Dr. Lesslar’s deep background in holistic medicine and research will advance’s science-backed, comprehensive approach to help more people maintain a healthy, functioning brain for longer. She is the exact person we need to make change, and we’re overjoyed to welcome her to the team.”

Dr. Lesslar brings a stunning resume of highly applicable experience, achievements, and partnerships spanning the fields of preventative and functional medicine. In addition to serving her own patients, she holds leadership and advisory positions at health and longevity organizations and institutes around the world, is an Adjunct Senior Lecturer with Griffith University’s National Centre for Neuroimmunology and Emerging Diseases, and is a regular public speaker on topics of the brain, health and longevity.

Fiercely committed to keeping up with the latest in medical research, Dr. Lesslar has dedicated her life to advancing human health and longevity for her own patients and on a mass scale. Her deep expertise spans preventative medicine, psychoneuroimmunology, biohacking, longevity and complex conditions like neurodegeneration and cancer. She has done extensive research to identify the framework around the lifestyle aspects and practices to measure and improve cognitive health, and brings this comprehensive approach to the leadership team.

As the latest strategic hire made by, the company continues expanding its leadership bench of experts behind, the leader in mental wellenss technology. Recently, the company also appointed Dr. Mark Atkinson, medical doctor and peak performance coach helping thousands of people optimize their health and unlock higher states of well-being, performance, and consciousness, to Medical Director.

Learn more about, its revolutionary technology and purchase at, or connect via social media at

About is the world’s first personalized, full-stack, at-home brain trainer. It’s designed to enhance cognitive performance and elevate inner wellbeing. makes the benefits of meditation faster, easier and quantified. Train your brain towards your aspirational self while addressing the problems of the day: sleep, attention, brain fog, and stress management. With just 15 minutes per day, both meets your needs for a boost that day and teaches you how to shift into the best version of yourself regularly. You can use it at home, at work, while traveling and on your schedule. It gives you access to ongoing high-resolution snapshots of brain function using biomarkers that normally only decline with age such as thinking speed and reaction time.’s research-grade brain testing methodology allows you to do in 15 minutes what would require hours at a neuroscience research lab.

The 5-in-1 complete brain training system marries progressive and advanced neurofeedback training with heart coherence training, transcranial photobiomodulation (light stimulation), brain function testing, and meditations, making it the most sophisticated and personalized system on the market.

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