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Sollis Health Partners with Prenuvo to Introduce a Groundbreaking Preventative Health Model to Concierge Medicine

The Two Pioneering Healthcare Brands Map a New Care Journey to Bridge Gaps in the Existing Healthcare System –Aiming to Eliminate Pain Points in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Acute Conditions

New York, NY / Mar 12, 2024 / Prenuvo

Sollis Health, the first concierge provider to offer its members ER-level diagnostics and care, and Prenuvo, the company pioneering proactive whole-body MRI imaging for early cancer detection and other diseases, today announced their partnership to offer new Sollis members an opportunity for early detection and coordinated care for conditions like cancer, aneurysms, and other diseases. This first-of-its-kind model combines access to Prenuvo’s safe (no radiation), fast (diagnostic-quality imaging in less than an hour), and non-invasive (no harmful contrast) MRI scans with Sollis’s coveted concierge treatment, via an annual membership for 24/7, 365 urgent and emergency care at its state-of-art medical centers in New York, the Hamptons, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and South Florida. Sollis memberships offer access to unlimited consultations in-center and virtually, as well as expedited access to thousands of Sollis’s top specialist partners on speed dial.

“This partnership is driven by a shared mission to create transformational change in the healthcare system –to give patients more agency over their health and wellbeing, and more access to the right care when they need it most” said Andrew Lacy, Prenuvo CEO and founder.

Research indicates up to 50% of acute health issues are discovered in emergency room settings, and at critical stages, exposing a significant gap within the care continuum,[1] and a significant opportunity for Sollis and Prenuvo together to keep members out of the ER. The Sollis and Prenuvo partnership is set to transform care delivery by seamlessly integrating care coordination and specialist triage with proactive screening – which can lead to earlier interventions. This proactive approach can markedly improve recovery chances in both potentially identifying conditions before they become crises, as well as providing immediate emergent recourse when required.

Brad Olson, CEO of Sollis Health, echoed Lacy’s enthusiasm for the partnership: “By integrating Sollis’ expertise in care coordination and world-class urgent and emergency care with Prenuvo’s cutting-edge diagnostics, we’re not just setting a new standard–we’re filling a critical gap in the care continuum. Together, we will not only improve outcomes in areas traditionally associated with poor prognosis, but also lead the industry with this more proactive and outcome-oriented healthcare model.”

Each new Sollis Health membership will now include the Sollis Health x Prenuvo Benefits, and prompt access to appointments for a complimentary Prenuvo MRI scan. Members will have access to continuous support throughout their healthcare journey from receiving Prenuvo’s comprehensive assessments to coordination with the Sollis team and members’ primary care physicians. This integrated approach offers continuous support –a rarity not only in acute care, but for anyone looking for handheld attention through any health issue.

The Sollis x Prenuvo Benefits integration includes:

  • Access to a complimentary PrenuvoTorso scan or a discounted upgrade to a Head & Torso or Whole Body scan, representing a total savings of at least $1,000
  • Timely access to scan appointments
  • Comprehensive care coordination by Sollis Health, from priority booking for the Prenuvo scan through any necessary appointment follow-ups, and access to necessary specialists from Sollis’s extensive network.
  • A year of unlimited 24/7, 365 access to Sollis concierge, members-only medical centers, on-demand virtual consultations, routine lab work, urgent and emergency care from Sollis’s ER board-certified physicians, and connections to a network of leading specialists to address concerns that arise from their preventative assessment.

To join Sollis and be the first to benefit from the Sollis x Prenuvo proactive care experience, users can visit

1] Research indicates that 20%-50% of certain cancers are first diagnosed in emergency departments, highlighting a gap in early cancer detection and the need for integrated care for better patient outcomes (National Center for Biotechnology Information, n.d.),are%20diagnosed%20in%20an%20ED.&text=The%20National%20Cancer%20Institute%20has,better%20patient%20management%20and%20outcomes.

About Prenuvo

Prenuvo makes MRI scanning for early detection of cancer, “silent killers” like aneurysms, and other diseases seamless and more widely accessible. Combining cutting-edge quantification and analysis technology with radiation-free and non-invasive full-body scans, Prenuvo’s patient-centric design is optimized to assess the body holistically and in under 60 minutes, compared with the 4-5 hours it would take to achieve this level of insight from conventional MRI scans. Prenuvo is backed by leading venture capital firms and investors in health, fitness and category-defining consumer brands such as Felicis Ventures [investors in Fitbit (IPO), Guardant Health (IPO) and Ring (acq. by Amazon)], 23AndMe CEO Anne Wojcicki, Nest founder Tony Fadell, Eric Schmidt, Cindy Crawford, Lasker award recipient Dr. Timothy A. Springer and Casamigos co-founder Rande Gerber. Prenuvo clinics are currently open in New York, Redwood City, Los Angeles, Dallas, Boca Raton, Chicago, Bethesda (DC metro area), Vancouver, and a partner location in Minneapolis.

About Sollis Health:

Sollis Health is the first and only concierge urgent and emergency care provider. Having a Sollis membership is like having a doctor in the family: we strive to be your first call and greatest partner through any medical concern. We work to expedite your path to treatment with unlimited access to our world-class ER-trained physicians and leading specialists, plus onsite advanced imaging and diagnostic capability (on par with a hospital ER). We are members-only, with centers in New York, the Hamptons, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and South Florida, and are on-demand 24/7, 365 days a year for in-person and telehealth appointments: that’s anytime, anywhere – because when you’re not feeling well, it’s an emergency for us. Sollis’ clinical practice is guided by the expertise of our National Medical Director, Dr. Scott Braunstein, who has over 20 years of experience leading Internal and Emergency Medicine at Cedars Sinai and UCLA, respectively. Dr. Braunstein was formerly the Airway Management Physician for the LA Rams, and has contributed to countless publications on the practice of Emergency Medicine. Sollis’s supporting regional medical directors are Dr. Scott Pearlman in New York, Dr. Carolyn McClain in Northern California, and Dr. James Fishkin in South Florida.

Press Contact Maggie Philbin
VSC for Prenuvo
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