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VivoBarefoot and Naboso Announce Partnership to Champion Healthy Feet

Global natural health lifestyle brand VivoBarefoot, and Naboso, the pioneer in neurosensory-based foot products, proudly announce their partnership to help create a world where healthy feet are championed.

Phoenix, AZ / May 29, 2024 / Naboso

Global natural health lifestyle brand VivoBarefoot, and Naboso, the pioneer in neurosensory-based foot products, proudly announce their partnership to help create a world where healthy feet are championed.

This groundbreaking partnership brings together two industry leaders with a shared vision of promoting foot health, sensory feedback, and natural movement. By combining VivoBarefoot’s expertise in minimalist footwear design with Naboso’s cutting-edge knowledge in patented neurosensory technology, the partnership aims to revolutionize the way people perceive and interact with their footwear.

Through this partnership, VivoBarefoot and Naboso will deliver unparalleled content, education, and sales experiences to their global customer base. Customers can expect a seamless integration of Naboso’s sensory-enhancing insoles and foot health accessories with VivoBarefoot’s health focused barefoot footwear, providing a holistic approach to foot health and performance.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Naboso to inspire people to experience natural health and natural movement,” said Galahad Clark, CEO & Co-Founder of VivoBarefoot. “We are thrilled to be able to offer Naboso’s sensory-based product line with our barefoot footwear designs, we are paving the way for a new era of health feet.”

The partnership will include collaboration on education content, VivoBarefoot offering Naboso products to all their customers, and plans to partner on events and community building.

“We are excited to partner with VivoBarefoot to expand our reach and impact in promoting foot health and natural movement,” said Dr. Emily Splichal, Founder of Naboso. “Our missions are aligned to empower the consumer with the tools and knowledge they need to optimize their foot function and enhance their overall performance.”

As advocates for innovation, VivoBarefoot and Naboso are dedicated to driving positive change in the foot health industry. Through their partnership, they aim to inspire a new generation of conscious consumers who prioritize their natural health, feet first.

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About Naboso

Naboso is a sensory technology company which uses a patented texture designed to stimulate the nerves on the bottom of the foot.  Their innovative product line includes textured insoles, socks, mats and foot-based accessories. Founded in 2017 by functional podiatrist Dr. Emily Splichal, Naboso has changed the way the wellness, performance and medical industries look at foot health and movement.

For more information about Naboso, please visit:

About VivoBarefoot:

VivoBarefoot is a barefoot footwear company on a mission to reconnect people into the natural world and their human potential. Created by two cousins from a long line of cobblers, Galahad and Asher Clark, VivoBarefoot draws upon simple barefoot design principles: wide, thin and flexible, for optimum foot health and natural movement.

· Wide (for natural stability) – minimalist footwear increases balance and stability
· Thin (for natural sensory feedback) – it increases the quality of information being sent to the brain
· Flexible (for natural strength and energy return) – wearing VivoBarefoot shoes for six months increases foot-strength by 60%.

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As a certified B Corp, VivoBarefoot is also on a mission to prove business – and footwear – can be done better; striving to meet and exceed high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.  As well as footwear, VivoBarefoot offers a number of natural health courses for its community – supporting holistic transitions to lifestyles more in tune with nature and our natural rhythms.

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