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Wellworthy Launches Health and Wellness Discovery Platform

Helping people discover brands, products, and ideas to achieve their health and fitness goals.

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Pittsburgh, PA / Mar 4, 2024 / Wellworthy

Wellworthy, a health and wellness media company, has launched to simplify the crowded and confusing category by spotlighting vetted experts and best-in-class brands, bridging the gap between aspiration and action.

Wellworthy, co-founded by Anthony and Joe Vennare of Fitt Insider and media founder and content strategist Ash Read, helps consumers discover brands, products, and ideas to make progress toward their health and fitness goals.

The site already features a curated selection of 100+ brands across a range of health, fitness, and wellness categories, all listed in a searchable directory. On Wellworthy, you can read expert-driven guides focused on four key pillars: Eat, Sleep, Move, and Recover. It also features product reviews, product launches, and news from brands in and around the health and wellness space.

“Wellworthy brings expert-driven guidance and handpicked products to bridge the gap between aspiration and achievement. We believe that when you’re equipped with the right tools and knowledge, progress naturally follows so it’s our mission is to uncover and share what consumers need to make progress, transforming their health and wellness ambitions into reality,” says Wellworthy co-founder Ash Read.

“We founded Wellworthy to help people take meaningful strides in their wellness journey. Our goal is for every audience member to discover something new, be that a new brand or product to try or some expert advice to help them work towards their goals,” added Joe Vennare, co-founder of Fitt Insider and Wellworthy.

About Wellworthy

Wellworthy is a consumer media company helping people discover brands, products, and ideas to make progress toward their health and fitness goals. Launched in 2024 by Fitt Insider founders Joe Vennare and Anthony Vennare and media founder Ash Read, Wellworthy combines expert-driven guidance with best-in-class products to inspire action.

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