#167: Rachel Lea Fishman, Co-founder & CEO of Arketa

Today, I’m joined by Rachel Lea Fishman, co-founder & CEO of Arketa, a platform helping health and wellness businesses scale hybrid offerings.

Founded in 2020, Arketa provides an all-in-one software solution for studio owners and independent creators to manage their class bookings, take payment, and host on demand content, online courses, and more through the platform. A trusted partner to 3,000+ studios, gyms, and instructors, Arketa provides monetization tools responsible for “millions of dollars of revenue per month.”

In this episode, we discuss how fitness studios use the platform to scale hybrid offerings, the company’s recent funding round, and why customer obsession is essential to Arketa’s success.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Rachel’s journey to starting Arketa
  • The markets Arketa serves and expansion plans
  • How they differentiate the product from other studio software


(00:00) Introduction
(01:14) Rachel’s background
(03:49) Rachel’s journey to starting Arketa
(07:52) Arketa’s vision
(11:40) Educating fitness instructors
(16:07) Strengths of Arketa
(20:02) The future of the industry
(24:16) Is Arketa only for fitness and wellness businesses?
(26:13) Growth
(28:33) The team
(30:49) Arketa’s roadmap for the future
(32:53) Demand generation and onboarding
(34:44) Conclusion

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