#109: Daniel Sobhani, CEO of Freeletics

Today I’m joined by Daniel Sobhani, CEO of Freeletics — an AI-powered fitness app.

In today’s episode, we discuss the company’s evolution from PDF workout plans to a digital fitness platform with more than 50M users. We cover the launch of Staedium, the company’s new game-based connected strength training product. And Daniel shares his thoughts on innovation, team building, gamification, and more.

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Daniel Sobhani is the CEO at Freeletics, the leading provider of AI-based fitness and mindset coaching, with more than 165 employees and nearly 53 million users worldwide. Born and raised in Munich, Germany, he studied business administration, mechanical engineering, finance and technology management in Munich and Sydney. After working at the renowned Boston Consulting Group, he then joined Freeletics in its early stages as CEO in 2014.  At the time, Freeletics was a very small, young startup, but one which was growing rapidly. Daniel helped foster its potential and guided the team to achieve international success in just a short space of time – all as a bootstrapped company.

After five successful years as a bootstrapped company, Daniel Sobhani steered Freeletics to the next milestones of the company’s history, as it closed a $45 million Series A funding round in 2018 and a $25 million Series B funding round in September 2020, to enable further product innovation,  exploring and building new business verticals and to expand Freeletics’ global footprint.

With its AI-powered and hyper-personalized digital fitness and lifestyle coaching, Freeletics has continued to disrupt a multi-billion-dollar industry which, before the company’s existence, had been dominated by stationary gyms and exclusive personal trainers. Aside from its financial success, the company has grown exponentially across the board. With almost one million users in early 2014, today the Freeletics app has over 52 million users in more than 175 countries. The company has continued to build on its product portfolio, also launching an e-commerce platform. With exciting things in the pipeline, Freeletics continues to strive to innovate and disrupt the digital fitness industry. Daniel has enabled and guided Freeletics to become the creator of one of the world‘s most popular fitness apps, inspiring and challenging people all over the world to become the greatest versions of themselves, both mentally and physically. And this is just the beginning.

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