#115: Nate Pearson, Co-founder and CEO of TrainerRoad

Today I’m joined by Nate Pearson, co-founder and CEO of TrainerRoad.

In this episode, Nate shares his experience building a bootstrapped, profitable company over ten-plus years. We explore the fast-growing and increasingly competitive endurance tech category. And we talk about TrainerRoad’s Adaptive Training platform that uses machine learning to help cyclists get faster.

More from Nate 

Nate Pearson is CEO and Co-Founder of TrainerRoad, the leading training system for cyclists and triathletes who want to get faster. Athletes in over 150 countries use TrainerRoad’s Adaptive Training system, training calendar, apps, workouts, training plans, and analysis tools to elevate their performance. Additionally, TrainerRoad’s forum, blog, and podcasts are trusted educational resources for athletes around the world.

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