#181: Brandon Marshall, Founder & CEO, House of Athlete

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Today, I’m joined by Brandon Marshall, founder & CEO of House of Athlete, a lifestyle wellness brand training athletes of all levels for peak mental and physical performance.

After a 13-year NFL career, Brandon Marshall founded House of Athlete to empower athletes and fitness enthusiasts to reach their full potential through holistic training, nutrition, and recovery programs at its facilities and on its digital platform HOA+.

In this episode, we discuss Brandon’s transition from football to the fitness industry and how mental health and community are key pillars to performance.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Brandon’s journey from NFL player to founding House of Athlete
  • House of Athlete’s approach to achieving peak mental and physical fitness
  • The highs and lows of being a founder in a highly competitive industry

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(00:00) Introduction
(02:07) About House of Athlete and building a brand
(05:08) Journey to founding House of Athlete
(11:51) Cultivating peak physical and mental fitness
(16:40) Finding committed training clients
(21:11) Brandon’s day to day involvement at HOA
(25:54) Building a program off of Brandon’s NFL training regimen
(29:22) Future roadmap
(33:04) Building community into the brand
(36:55) HOA’s growth plans and economic standing
(39:30) Call to action
(40:15) Being vulnerable during the entrepreneurial journey
(42:12) Conclusion

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