#192: Adam Bornstein, Author & Founder of Born Fitness

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Today, I’m joined by Adam Bornstein, author & founder of Born Fitness, a health & fitness media platform and coaching program.

Through expert-backed articles, a newsletter, and personalized coaching, Born Fitness makes building healthier habits around nutrition and exercise simple. Best-selling author of nutrition-focused book You Can’t Screw This Up, Adam shares his personal insights to living well with client and reader alike and has become a trusted health advisor for LeBron James, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Lindsey Vonn.

In this episode, we discuss the power of storytelling with Adam’s learnings from two decades creating content in the fitness industry. We also get a sneak peek of his new book that aims to dismantle diet culture.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why diets rarely work in the long run
  • What learning from top performers can do for your personal skill set
  • How changing your self-perception can lead to sustainable healthy habits

You Can’t Screw This Up Book
Born Fitness
Pen Name Consulting

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(00:00) Introduction
(02:01) Adam’s background
(02:58) Power of storytelling
(05:18) Adam’s passion for health and fitness
(06:53) Everyone cares about their health
(08:23) Wellness is a trillion dollar industry
(11:52) Don’t replicate other’s solution
(12:23) Focus on your pain point
(13:27) Building your skill set to find a solution
(14:10) Patience and timing is key
(15:38) Entrepreneurial journey
(17:33) Adam’s obsession with fitness
(20:38) Barriers to healthy behavior- 3Cs (cost, complexity and convenience)
(24:58) Don’t copy others blueprint, take clues for success
(25:31) Understand your audience
(26:48) Focus on super consumers
(31:51) Writing and marketing his book
(32:42) Dieting cycle of hell
(36:14) Building stable foundations to reach health goals
(39:40) Fitness and healthy behaviors
(40:45) Changing people’s self-perception
(42:17) Stress and anxiety affects performance
(43:20) Expand your comfort zone
(44:38) Confidence and control
(48:03) Conclusion

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