#193: Meridith Cass, Founder & CEO of Nix Biosensors

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Today, I’m joined by Meridith Cass, founder & CEO of Nix Biosensors, creators of a biometric patch that extracts real-time hydration data from human sweat.

Through a reusable wearable device, Nix gives individuals the access and tools to understand their health in terms of sweat rate, electrolyte loss rate, and sweat composition. Its flagship product helps endurance athletes track, analyze, and strategize hydration, optimizing performance with a recommended combination of fluids and fuel.

In this episode, Meridith details the technology behind the company’s sweat-tracking patch and why Nix is focused on endurance athletes before expanding into new markets.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Meridith’s background in VC is guiding her development of Nix
  • How the Nix Hydration Biosensor captures electrochemical biomarkers
  • Nix’s initial GTM strategy and its surprise organic growth across additional markets

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(00:00) Introduction
(01:41) Meridith’s background
(03:23) Launching Nix Biosensors
(05:28) The product and platform
(06:24) Nix’s value proposition
(07:51) Hydration management
(11:41) Real time hydration notifications and suggestions
(14:42) Customer use cases
(18:15) Recommendations based on personalized data
(21:03) The Nix team and current state of the business
(24:28) Hydration tracking: From athletes to general consumers
(27:17) Focusing on endurance athletes first
(30:58) Potential opportunities and markets
(33:31) Future roadmap and upcoming product updates
(35:28) Improving the product through feedback
(37:42) Conclusion

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