#194: Phil Wagner, Founder & CEO of Sparta Science

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Today, I’m joined by Phil Wagner, founder & CEO of Sparta Science, a movement health intelligence platform for organizations.

Sparta Science specializes in using data and analytics to optimize human performance and reduce the risk of injuries in athletes, the military, and healthcare. Using his experience as a physician and strength coach, Dr. Phil Wagner and team are revolutionizing training and injury prevention with help from physical biomarkers and artificial intelligence.

In this episode, Phil details Sparta’s evolution from training facility to software solution, and we talk about challenges and opportunities in working with sports teams, military operators, and healthcare organizations.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Phil’s own recovery from an injury inspired him to start Sparta
  • The major differences between starting a B2B and DTC company in the health space
  • How Sparta Science’s innovative process reduces injuries and improves movement health

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(00:00) Introduction
(01:45) Phil’s journey to founding Sparta Science
(03:05) From training facility to SaaS business
(06:28) Performance and medical assessments
(08:21) Sparta Science’s technology
(09::31) Who Sparta Science works with
(11:30) Reducing asymmetry to improve movement health
(13:24) Data assessment process
(15:40) Using AI to analyze movement health data
(18:18) Choosing B2B model over DTC
(24:44) Consumer and practitioner feedback
(28:14) Concept of balance approach
(30:42) Integrating Sparta Science with wearables
(32:32) Future roadmap and obstacles
(35:32) Growth strategies
(38:11) Evolving from screening tool to movement health platform
(40:01) Conclusion

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