#203: Joe Wicks, Founder of The Body Coach

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Today, I’m joined by Joe Wicks, founder of The Body Coach, a global fitness media brand consisting of online classes, nutrition books, and a healthy living app.

A UK-based trainer and nutrition expert, Joe Wicks gained international acclaim for his approachable views on fitness and easy-to-follow programs. During the pandemic, Joe’s live streamed YouTube workouts attracted audiences of 955K+, earning him a Guinness World Record and the honor of being knighted for his help keeping the UK healthy.

In this episode, he chats about expanding the brand beyond his social presence to build a holistic health app. Plus, we discuss the importance of authenticity, exercising for mental health, and helping kids get active.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Joe went from personal trainer to fitness entrepreneur
  • How he stayed motivated when only a few people came to his classes
  • The Body Coach’s plan for helping millions learn to love exercise

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(00:00) Introduction
(01:50) The Body Coach origin story and evolution
(05:25) PE with Joe during the COVID lockdown
(10:57) Balancing building a business and making a genuine impact
(15:56) Combating burnout as the face of a business
(20:14) The Body Coach app
(23:11) Ad Read
(26:03) Making fitness fun for everyone
(30:31) Joe’s difficult upbringing and how exercise helped his mental health
(33:40) Joe’s mission of getting more people to move
(40:03) Advice for people building communities
(44:13) Conclusion

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