#204: Shizu Okusa, Founder & CEO of Apothékary

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Today I’m joined by Shizu Okusa, founder and CEO of Apothékary, a supplements company rooted in East-meets-West wisdom.

After exiting her first business in 2019, Shizu set out to disrupt synthetic supplements by launching a platform that makes plant-medicine fun and accessible. Combining ancient ritual and modern science, Apothékary’s adaptogenic blends trade chemical ingredients for clean herbal alternatives.

In this episode, we discuss Apothékary’s East-meets-West ethos. Plus, we talk about bootstrapping growth, expanding into offline experiences, and developing science-backed supplements.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What Shizu’s learned being a repeat wellness entrepreneur
  • How Apothékary grew to $25M ARR sans venture funding
  • Apothékary’s philosophy and process for product development

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(01:34) Shizu’s Background
(04:20) Learnings as a 2nd time founder
(07:37) Differentiation in a competitive industry
(11:08) Apothékary’s growth and capital strategy
(15:46) Journey from $0 to $25MM ARR
(18:49) Current product offerings
(20:50) Apothékary’s retail business
(24:12) How consumers discover wellness products
(26:40) Realizations from Shizu’s 7 day Vipassana Meditation Retreat
(30:04) Expanding into offline wellness experiences
(34:14) Working with investors that trust your vision
(36:56) Product development and clinical trials
(40:38) Conclusion

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